Alright guys as an Atheist/Free Thinker I am sure most of you have been in a discussion regarding religion with a Christian/Muslim or any other theist. In that discussion they must have accused you of the most insane things possible or said some bizarre stuff.

Since I am an Ex Muslim, I'll start it off and list the things Muslims says to Ex Muslims, some of the stuff which many Muslims even told me:

  • Why do you hate Muslims?
  • You were never really a Muslim were you?
  • You are just pretending to be an Atheist because you are angry at your parent/god/ex etc etc
  • You are all gay
  • You are an Atheist because you just wanted to have sex, eat pork and drink Alcohol, didn't you?
  • How can anyone leave Islam?
  • Don't you want to go to heaven?
  • You must not have read the Quran
  • You must not know Arabic because Quran is written so beautifully without any flaws
  • You are probably just a Jew/Christian/Satanist 
  • You were paid to leave Islam, weren't you?
  • You are paid to say you left Islam but you really are a Muslim still?
  • You have been influenced by the west (LOL the most used one in the Muslim world)
  • You never knew true Islam
  • This whole "Ex Muslim", its a conspiracy by the Sunnis/Shias/Ahmadis 
  • Even though you are an Atheist, you are really a Muslim Atheist right? (hahha makes no sense)
  • The death penalty for apostasy only applies if you speak out against Islam
  • Islam allows homosexuals, as long as they don't have sex
  • Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, that is a sign, that is true

And my personal favorite one:

  • I feel said for you, you have been brainwashed by Jew Mossad Hasbara agents (ROFL)

Lets hear some you guys what theists have told you

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I haven't had any contact with Muslims, but I have had contact with Mormoms. They say about the same thing to me, just change the religous context.

You will come to Christ someday.
Don't you want to be with your Heavenly Father when you die?

Every knee shall bend in the end.



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