Has anyone followed this at all?  My cousin tipped me off to it.


Damon Fowler

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I've followed the link you've given and subsequent links for a bit.


It really is quite strange that his teacher's idea of fun is illegally praying to yahweh.  And the student is "ruining" the fun" by not wanting to join in on the collective delusion. Wow.

I saw that. He's done what a lot of people would be to afraid to do. He's a great role model and we need more people like that. And even if what the teacher said was true, she had to right to say it and definitely should be fired. Teachers should always support students, even if they to do agree. It's completely disgusting.
Courage in action, that's all I can think of. And the actions of the faculty and superintendent are appalling, especially since they led to the revealing of Damon Fowler's identity and subsequent death threats. Either way, just shows the dearth of common sense and consideration that must be dealt with in certain parts of the country.
Why does it seem that you never see rational christians (i know, i know) stepping up to defense of the law and separation of church and state. You know they're out there. It's not only atheists who are opposed to things like this.

Good for him for standing up for his rights!  Best of all, he got a $1,000 scholarship from "Freedom from Religion" and he got OVER $31,000 from online donations carried out by "Friendly Atheist", the site you linked to!


Probably the best decision of his life, no student loan debt for him!

It's nice to think something good came out of it.  He's gone through a lot, defending a lot of very ungrateful theists with the separation of church and state.


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