Student-Made Facebook and Twitter pages (As part of a larger project)

Hello all!

As part of a larger multimedia project for my senior digital media class I have created a Facebook: Evolution is Legit and Twitter: Awesome Science FAQ @EvolutionFAQ

Please like and follow these pages! I post a lot of content about evolution and evolution in schools. My overall project is a website for students wishing to learn more about evolution. It is not finished yet as it is due the last week of school. Here is what I have so far.

I will also be embedding a interactive guide and a quiz-like game using InDesign.

Basically I have found that students do not learn enough about evolution in schools and that this leads to misinformation and mistrust of science.

Please take my quiz about your experience with evolution in schools!

Constructive criticism is appreciated, but try not to be too mean Smile

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HI there, the creationism teachings is based upon religion & the teachings of the bible, etc. Evolution is based  upon facts, also it cannot be updated to the actual  moment because of religious conflict all over the planet.

I realize that. What are you trying to say to me? I know that creationism is based on religion and that evolution is based on fact. I know that religious conflict is the reason students do not have an updated education on evolution. That is why I am making this resource.

I should have put it a different way, evolution causes friction with creationism & some religions would think the worst.


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