In my digital media class I am creating an online resource for young people (high school and college age) who may have had a less than adequate evolution education. This is meant to be a safe place for students who are curious about evolution and may be questioning their beliefs.

I plan on making a game and a interactive guide to evolution using InDesign (ideas are welcome).

I currently have a blog

A Facebook Page

and a Twitter account

As well as a survey.

I plan on making a refined version of this survey to pass out to students at the library as well as interview science profs about their opinions on the current level of evolution education in schools.

Constructive criticism is welcome, but don't be mean. Much of this is still in an unfinished stage and I will be working on it up until the last week of school.

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Hi there, that is the way to go, there is not that many of the young people are really interested in the ongoing debate between creationism & evolution as it is not interesting enough to make any sense to be dramatic. The very close relationship between religion & rulers in most countries is a fact & that is another reason which can effect your job prospects if you make out you are an atheist as you are a danger to religion & the robotic effect it has on the brain on a daily basis.

Such an interesting project will offer insights as a result.

Not all persons indulge in 'robotic' brain functions as a rule, sadly finding a few good minds will be something of a challenge. The few classes in genetics and biology that I have had, were rather 'thin' on details, additional work/study on my own has been necessary. Teaching people to be good 'observers of nature' might be just as helpful, sadly getting people to drop their personal crap long enough to look deeply and ask questions, will be like herding cats. The attitude of 'I know everything', will cause you to pull lots of hair, and wonder how humans ever fell out of trees.

I hope you look at your material.

This is a great project .. already liked the FB page.

Aww! Thanks!

great idea.  it's astounding how the school system has failed the average person in this area.  when discussing creation v evolution I find it difficult to put forth strong reasoning when the average person doesn't really understand the simplest evolutionary ideas.  I guess thats why creationism is so popular here in the states...its much easier to grasp.  excited to read about ur project


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