Some of you have probably seen me about this site already but I guess it's always good to do a little intro post, there's much more detail in my two blogs and on my profile, but yes I'm a Christian and no I didn't come here to pick fights with you all - rather a place to vent my atheistic side whilst I'm struggling in what seems to be a friendly and non-hateful environment.

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I hope no one here 'gets all up in your face' about your journey. Being honest, as you have, goes a long way, I think. The vast majority of atheists I've ever met are usually really easy-going and mild-mannered people--unless they get attacked by someone else.

Without speaking for everyone, I think it would be fair to say that we just want to live our lives, make discoveries, learn everything we can, make friends, laugh, listen to good music, read good books, have lively discussions about ourselves and the universe, enjoy our familes, find wonder in what we have, leave people better off for having met us--enjoy life!

If you ever get a nasty response just because you are not an atheist, I think many here would defend you.

I sincerely hope you find whatever it is you need--here or elsewhere.
I think I've already discovered that about this place, thankfully!
Heya Alison.
Welcome to TA.
If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to send me a friend invite and drop me a mail. I'm currently away from home right now, but I've got my laptop with me and I'm checking in pretty often.
If you are here for a non abrasive, friendly place to chat, the community is pretty open. Just being honest about why you are here is probably the biggest peace offering you can bring with you.
The abortion and morality discussions seem to be pretty hot right now, so they are a bit more aggressive than what you might be looking for. Otherwise, things are usually civil and nice. :)
I hope you find what ever it is you're looking for!
Er... moral and abortion, I probably have a more atheistic view anyway but we shall see when I find those topics and have time to comment. Thanks for the welcome!
Wasn't making a snap judgment about your opinion on matters, I was just warning you that those discussions were maybe the exception that makes the rule. They are pretty non-friendly in some areas. Don't use those discussions as a basis for your opinion on the site as whole. I was just giving a warning.
I know what you meant, I apologise if it sounded like I took it the wrong way... my communication skills aren't the best tonight (headache ugh).
Thanks for that you have just stated what I said to a friend of mine who wanted to share this site that it is a friendly and non-hateful environment. We are pleased to have various discussions. I was a child during WW11 and saw and exerienced so much hatred and saw so much suffering that I found it had to believe there was a superior being who would allow these terrible things to happen. When I accidently witnessed a newsreel showing two soilders being put to death alive in ovens then I decided there was no god, and if there was then he could not have let these things happen.
I live my life helping others and doing the best I can to try to make it a better world, although I am a non=believer. We are all born the same and die in the end.
Welcome to you, as we need open minded people contributing to this site.and your remarks are also welcome.
I can understand that Elaine and thanks for the welcome. I hope your friend will join too, but I can understand why they are not convinced of it. There is a lot of hatred out there.
Heya Alison, welcome to the site!


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