Are you or were you a nice person who just struggles with a hatred for religion (not a dislike) but a hatred?

You really don't want to be that guy(or gal) who is just a jerk about it?

Well that is the predicament I am in and I really need advice on how to handle these feelings. I am very peace and love oriented person otherwise and I don't enjoy being a jerk but when I am about religion (especially Christianity) it some how feels irrationally justified in my head.

Have any of you ever struggled with this problem?

I apologize if someone has posted something similar.

I also apologize if this post seems somewhat stupid,mislead, or misinformed.

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Actually, I'm full of rage and almost afraid of it. And I'm getting more activist about it every day.

You made me feel a lot better. I thought a proper thanks was in order

I am how you are. I hate religion. But it's not a struggle. Oddly enough, religions are accomplished with hate. hmmmm....

I understand anger towards religions and their followers on a very personal scale. Growing up my father was an extremely devout christian, in later years he converted to messianic judaism, anyway I remember countless occurrences of abuse in the name of God including and not limited to constant demonic rebuking, physical punishment for questioning of the bible, and many other such things.

I was also witness to the hypocrisy of so-called devout people when I received an education at a theistic school. I was repeatedly sexually harassed and nothing was ever done to the boys who did these things because I was from a divorced family (my mother finally realized she would not be struck dead for leaving my father), whereas the perpetrators were from proper wholesome christian families. But I think the thing I resented the most was the fact that as a child I had to hide any books I received from outside sources or else they would burned. This may not seem like the most horrible thing to some, however books have always been my only refuge and greatest joy since I first learned the magic of the written word. I have never been an overly emotional person, but I do struggle at times with anger at a few of these hypocritical and sometimes abusive people, but then I think things out rationally and realize all people are capable of hypocrisy and abuse. There are people with problems in every walk of life and no matter what a person's views are there will always be someone who thinks they are right and you are wrong.

I cannot forgive my father for what he has done to me, my mother, and my siblings, however I realize he has extremely serious problems and in the end he will most likely end up alone and instead of anger I feel pity for such a person. And as for random people of religion, well all I can say is I pity them too for their need to continue living in a protective fantasy. My advice for you is instead of feeling anger at these people try to focus on the delusions they live and realize what a sad existence that is.

Not a general all out hatred, but sometimes I do feel something that is close to it. Especially lately when I hear about people like Rick Santorum and the loony pastor who introduced him at some churchy church event. When I hear people who are "christians" complain about the "war on religion" it really irks me because they are not talking about a war on all religions but just for their one and only dog. Another thing I can remember is reading a post on here a few months back about a gas station in South Carolina (the gas station was in my hometown) that had something to the point of if you don't believe in god you can get out. That shit really pisses me off (I know we shouldn't let this get to us but if it's everywhere...) and I cannot help but want to punch some people. Also Also In my history class this one guy wrote something about the money saying "In god we trust" and "one nation under god" in the pledge of allegiance. He was all butt hurt about it and thought that it was wrong for people wanting to take these things away from him and his faith. I told the guy i worked with and he said "well you shouldn't get offended about it saying god in the pledge and on the money. just ignore it and i proved him wrong by simply stating the first amendment. 


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