Fun little question

Which ancient or modern Religion/Mythos is the most interesting to you as a story.
For instance the old stories of Native Australian Dreamtime, Nordic Vikings, Native American Spirits or even one of the modern religions Muslim, Christian the list goes on.
This is not about which religion makes more sense or best morality code this is about the most interesting story to you and if possible why.

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Easy, the Norse Myths are the best. Super creative and some of the most enticing tales to have ever been told. My profile picture is actually a drawing of the god Heimdall, who defends Bifrost (the rainbow bridge) and who will sound the horn at his side at the coming of Ragnarok. 

I would have to agree, with the works of Homer to be a close second.

Agreed. I can't count how many times I have re-read the Iliad and the Odyssey.

I really enjoy the Norse myths, but I have always been partial to Greek mythology, as that was what got me interested in history as a child.

I like the Adam and Eve story for a few reasons.  What I find most interesting is that ancient people imagined that, at some point in their ancestry, early humans likely didn't wear clothes and didn't even think to do so.  I tend to think that the earliest 'philosophers' of human origins were likely in proximity of uncivilized folk who still ran around nude eating fruit from trees or something like that.

It is also notable that they realized human birth was much more traumatizing than for other animals - and tried to explain why.  There are also the patriarchal seeds woven into the story, compensating the male inability to bear children by saying the first man 'gave birth' (by way of a rib) to the first woman.

From a psycho-literary perspective, many of the old testament stories reveal a lot about Bronze Age thinkers that I think is worth noting. 

Jack Wilson's ghost dance religion. I think it was beautiful. Unfortunately one version of it led to Wounded Knee.

Good call

Norse myths were fun to read ... it seemed like the first superhero comic book in history.

The ibrahemic religions mythology is unique of it's own ... i remember that someone drew the book of Genesis as a comic book keeping the original script as a narration to the story .. it was fun to read .. but still not as fun as the Greeks.

The Greeks and Norse had far better myths than the Semites

Without imagination we would be truly boring beings. Unfortunately the early instigators of supernatural thought saw it fit to blur the lines of reality and fairy tales. We are suffering the consequences to this day.

Greek or Norse it matters not, mythology is hugely entertaining. But Bilbo Baggins is more my speed today.

To bring that story to a more personal level, one of our former TA members, Blaine Leavitt, best known for his folksy, "There ya go!" comment, and who left us close to a year ago, finding a better way to spend his time, had a relative, Dudley Leavitt, a Mormon who actually participated in the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

At least the Mormons were good enough to baptize their murder victims into their church:



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