Stories and advice wanted - for my official withdrawal from my former church.

I am meeting with my former Mormon Bishop tomorrow evening in order to (presumably) finalize the withdrawal of my name from the church records.  I haven't gone in over seven years, and I haven't been pressured by friends/family/community to return in the way many people often are when leaving the LDS church.  I was just hoping to hear others' experiences withdrawing from (this or another) church, or to get some advice on how to balance being polite and positive with giving the poor man a full understanding of my skepticism. Any comments appreciated. 

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Nate Lundgren did the very same thing yesterday.  There is also an ex-mormon group here, where you might find useful information.

You don't have to tell the "bishop" anything you don't feel like telling him.  Check out Nate's page too, don't worry, you're not alone :)

how to balance being polite and positive with giving the poor man a full understanding of my skepticism

Can you act gay, and tell him you're moving to San Francisco to marry?

(I know it's unlikely, but it could be fun, and it makes an important point.)

He doesn't want to understand your skepticism, he wants you to either toss it out the window and stay, or get the hell out before you infect anyone else with reason, which can be contagious and spreads quickly.

Here, read this - it'll give the two of you something to chat about during your exit interview --

Take an itemized bill with you for all the hours of your life they have wasted, should come to a tidy sum, give them 30 days to make full restitution, that should take care of it.

And suggest that you will place a lein on church property in the event that payment is not received! You might get the man to lose bodily function or page the younger, on-site, 'elders'.

I like the idea of a lein.

"Sorry, your Grand Wooo-ness, but all this valuable church art and all your ritual trinkets have to come with us. It looks like you owe Mr. Daurelle quite a few, quote: "irreplaceable, precious hours of his mortal life," which having been deemed "priceless" in a court of law, must be repaid in whatever "priceless" property we find in the possession of this church. Are those stained glass windows removable for cleaning?"

Well said Nate !!

I love the allegory of the cave. I kept thinking back to it as I went through my process of awakening to a non-religious reality. It was comforting and empowering in a very frightening time.

I have no idea what you should do for your specific bad gig, me- I just walked away and nobody cared.

But please come back and give us an update.  Let us know what you did, what you said... let us give you a little encouragement if that's what you need.  Just remember that you are the captain of your mind...

That's what I did, jst walked away. Why I should I have cared. I had found the light- Freedom from deitisms

RE: "Tyranny feeds on apathy. So I decided to give a damn because I have always hated tyrants and bullies in my heart of hearts."

All that is required for evil to prevail, is for good men to do nothing.

I am getting a new tattoo on my lower arm this Saturday that reads:

"El sueño de la razón produce monstrous"

from a work by Goya.


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