I have come across a rather refreshing take on the U.S. and Britain foreign policy. Th author points out that countries like Pakistan and others in the middle east like to do a lot of blaming and not enough taking responsibility for their own ills.

Honestly I think he nails it on the head here. When are we going to stop letting them lay it all on the west?


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One thing some people don't understand is that the hatred Muslims have for us inherently has nothing to do with foreign policy. It has to do with the Hadith and their religion. This is why some people tend to be so naive and ignore the gravest threat to the existence of humanity: Islamic theocratic regimes (such as Iran under the Islamic Republic if they acquire a nuclear weapon). These regimes such as the one in Tehran sole purpose is for the return of the Hidden Imam and the end of the world. I will post a couple of videos below which I think is important to watch!
The reason that under-developed countries blame the US is fairly easy when you consider the previous 60 years of US foreign policy. For decades we over threw any government which might have had a left of centre leaning in their policies. Couple this with the fact that they are kept impoverished by imposing harsh free trade agreements as part of their debt negotiations. In this agreements (previously called Structural Adjustment Policies but now referred to as the less threatening sounding Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers) the countries must agree to allow transnational corporations into their borders and grant them unrestricted access to their natural resources. The policies also outline how the country will need to cut internal spending on programs like heath care and education and cannot impose tariffs on imports. It is not a mystery that poor societies tend to be among the most religious. Failure to comply with these agreements result in economic sanctions. The west likes to keep these countries between a rock and a hard place because it suits our interest as a source of cheap goods, materials and labour and we are hated for it.
One thing some people don't understand is that the hatred Muslims have for us inherently has nothing to do with foreign policy. It has to do with the Hadith and their religion.
Kenneth I agree. This quote from Sassan is not accurate. Because cultures are poor, they more they turn to religion. So yes, Muslims want all non-believers to die, sure I agree, but to say the US foreign policy does not affect the veracity of their hate is untrue.
It truly doesn't. Watch the videos above and you will understand what I am talking about. Watch all three
Are you incapable of expressing the ideas contained therein?

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the videos speak for themselves; esp. the hidden imam one. so no, and I have a final to take
Ok, let us know when you have some original thoughts to express here, as this is an unfolding debate based on an exchange of ideas rather than videos.




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