I have come across a rather refreshing take on the U.S. and Britain foreign policy. Th author points out that countries like Pakistan and others in the middle east like to do a lot of blaming and not enough taking responsibility for their own ills.

Honestly I think he nails it on the head here. When are we going to stop letting them lay it all on the west?


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Will these countries ever grow up? I also don't think it's any coincidence that the countries with huge political and social problem are theocracies or close to it.
Ever hear of the C of E?  Why are there German catholics and French Catholics?  Spanish inquisition?  Name a country that didn't arise out of a theocratic system of government or with a church riding along to give the leaders authority.  Go back to the 100 years rule - how many of them have even had a century of stable government to shake religion off?  You don't send a five year old to college.
Reminds me that there are still state churches in secular heavens like Denmark and Norway (and even Sweden until recently.) How ironic.
That's very good evidence that religion can be dealt with diplomatically.  Do the current governments derive their authority from these state churches?
Not to my knowledge. All I know is that in the case of Norway and Denmark, the ruling monarchs also rules over the Church, but their power over state affairs is constutionally limited - both as head of state and head of the Church.
So democracy evolved out of theocratic authority?
Technically, you might say that, but it never was anything like real theocracy. European monarchs who appointed themselves head of the church did so to control the clergy, not the other way around. If there was anything like persistent theocracy or theocratic authority in Europe, it was limited to the influence the Vatican had over Catholic countries.
Yes, but in usurping the power of the church there was a power base to be usurped.  Try removing the Roman Catholic church from the history of Charlemagne and see what remains.

If your point is that democracy in Northern Europe evolved out of theocratic papal power they usurped through their Lutheran churches - I'd say it looks like a bit of a stretch. There may be more than a single cause to a given effect. E.g., try removing the Enlightenment from the history of Scandinavia and see what remains :-)

Shall we remove it with bombs or lobotomies?
Might as well try to remove patriarchy as well - so I suggest emasculation.
We need to take genetic samples before emasculation though.  After that, perhaps we should only keep as many eunuchs as are necessary to harvest crops.


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