So I am still under attack daily on FB for being an atheist.  I've been posting all the cool stories that have been running in the NEWS about the rapture and this and that, and it seems to REALLY be pissing off all the Christians! 


Well I'm being as cool and collective as I can in my arguments with these christens, i once called my BEST friends, but they gave me a ultimatum, that if I didn't convert or start to believe they couldn't be my friends anymore.... So it looks like I have a few less friends!~


This is what I had originally posted, and below that, is one of my replies to the thousands of comments my OLD friends had posted.




"Are you attending the rapture on May 21st 2001? I expect to be left behind when it happens, soooo if you aren't going to need your WORLDLY possessions; be it money, cars, canned food, durable goods etc. I would gladly take them off of your hands! Just let me know when I can stop by and Pick up what you will no longer be needing.



MY reply after tons and tons of comments about how I NEED JESUS!


"Ok back, sorry I'm already at work. There is nothing here nor there that could make me believe in your or any religion. When it comes down to it, there are ZERO facts in the bible. None what so ever. 

What are facts, are the killings, hangings, and stoning of innocent people in the name of the church/religion. 

do you have any idea of how many people have been killed by Christans for not converting to Christianity? Or do you also choose not to believe that these things ever happen?

If god is the one who is suppose to JUDGE us all at the end, then why do people care if we believe or don't believe? Why must we convert? 

What was the number? the Christian Crusades killed over 100,000 people for not converting to Christianity? 

God and religion to me is a Genocide, if you don't believe your DEAD.



What do you think? Should I stop posting stuff like this on fb?

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Well Brandon it sems taht you have the same problem i used to have on fb ,every time a friend os one of my contacts on fb add a post about jesus ,or his church or how awesome god is, i always was cool about it,but as soon i post some video or comment about being athiest or the contradictions about the bible and the church, well  i think you can imagine aallll  the negative comments from my "friends", as you know is very hard to have a conversation about religion with a christian or catholic,mormon, so in the end i just start to delte contacts!!Is more easy and it makes your life less complicated.

yea, it just sucks cuz this is a friend ive had since i was like 10.. he use to be atheist too, but then he FOUND JESUS after have 4 kids in less then 3 years.... 


It's a cop out. Religion was only created to keep the stupid, poor, and weak from attacking the wealthy.

4 kids on three years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! instead of find jesus he should find some condoms...

hey brandon i add you on fb you can add me like: jorge hernandez sanchez

just think about it if God exist and he is sooo powerfull... why you are an athiest??
I'll give you a lot of credit if you can maintain your fb page after arguing the atheist pov. I could not, not that I give a damn over losing acquaintences there. I got so tired of the "thank god" or "god was looking out for" something or other, I chose to close my fb page. I like it here. I prefer being a loner, a free thinker, for if having friends means I have to listen to that kind of tripe, I don't need those friends.

It is now May 21st in Europe and it looks like the Rapture did not happen. I was hoping we would be able to shed the gene pool of some whackos but I think they are still here. Will double check in the morning as there may be a M3 available. Looking forward to the excuses !! I will suggest that they Jesus did not love them enough for lack of prayer.

Hey, you're right next door! I'm in Montclair.

I would probably curb it if you get threatened (if they're passionate enough it will happen). Otherwise, have at it. You might get lucky and let some of those zealots see the error of their ways with some logic.

For years, way back then, my hobby was writing letters to the editor. I have three 3 ring binders with my (published) letters in response to those of the Xianuts. It was FUN ! BTW, through all this I made many new friends, & a few enemies. I cherish both. (I'm like Jesus, I love them all ). And I did manage to shut up a couple, by making them look ridiculous. :-)
So my friend ended up bashing on catholics, bashing mormons, muslims and jews!!!

said he couldn't be my friend if I couldnt stop posting up about the things i believe..

Damn, didn't know i was good friends with HITLER!

well he posted up saying, have a good life and such..

so i posted this..

"Wow cuz we believe in different things?? So all your friends need to be Christian?? Sooo No catholic friends... No Mormon Friends, No Budist Friends, No Southern Baptist Friends, No Jehovah witness friends, Becuase what they believe in offends you? What happen to love thy neighbor? Or better yet, what about God is the only one who can judge, and we will all answer to him? You sure are doing a great job at judging me for my beliefs, or lack there of."
oohoo damn i got deleted.
Why am I not surprised. Oh well, perhaps light a candle and mourn the loss of your friend to the dark side. It's probably a whole lot more thought than he will ever give to losing your friendship, because he is probably afraid of your ideas. They threaten his loss of his pitiful delusions.


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