So I am still under attack daily on FB for being an atheist.  I've been posting all the cool stories that have been running in the NEWS about the rapture and this and that, and it seems to REALLY be pissing off all the Christians! 


Well I'm being as cool and collective as I can in my arguments with these christens, i once called my BEST friends, but they gave me a ultimatum, that if I didn't convert or start to believe they couldn't be my friends anymore.... So it looks like I have a few less friends!~


This is what I had originally posted, and below that, is one of my replies to the thousands of comments my OLD friends had posted.




"Are you attending the rapture on May 21st 2001? I expect to be left behind when it happens, soooo if you aren't going to need your WORLDLY possessions; be it money, cars, canned food, durable goods etc. I would gladly take them off of your hands! Just let me know when I can stop by and Pick up what you will no longer be needing.



MY reply after tons and tons of comments about how I NEED JESUS!


"Ok back, sorry I'm already at work. There is nothing here nor there that could make me believe in your or any religion. When it comes down to it, there are ZERO facts in the bible. None what so ever. 

What are facts, are the killings, hangings, and stoning of innocent people in the name of the church/religion. 

do you have any idea of how many people have been killed by Christans for not converting to Christianity? Or do you also choose not to believe that these things ever happen?

If god is the one who is suppose to JUDGE us all at the end, then why do people care if we believe or don't believe? Why must we convert? 

What was the number? the Christian Crusades killed over 100,000 people for not converting to Christianity? 

God and religion to me is a Genocide, if you don't believe your DEAD.



What do you think? Should I stop posting stuff like this on fb?

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You have the right to express your own views. If they can't handle what we see as the truth then you are better off with a few less friends. Be true to yourself.
I enjoy posting quotes from scientists when ever someone posts a quote from the bible. The two feeds usually show up right next to each other on mutual friends if you time it right.

if you wanna add me on FB< my email for it is



You can read the whole CRAZED post lol



Just tell them that no matter how much you want to believe (thanks to their emotional black mail) you can't force yourself to believe in god anymore than you could force yourself to believe in Santa.
Atheism isn't a choice. It is a conclusion.
lol that's what I say to everyone so I don't have to have a circular argument with them. It works really well!
That's a great way of putting it.
That's a great response, and stops the attacks and debates.

I started to talk to him about the Christians killing people that wouldn't convert to Christianity, which is in the HISTORY books about the wars, battles, killing and rapes! 


then my friend told me to read a real book...


wtf?!?! since when are college history books not real? 

NEVER BACK DOWN!! You have every right to post whatever you want! Be brave!
yes i agreed 100% with Robert, never back down Brandon!!! you are not alone.
As long as you are not attacking them for their beliefs, then no, don't back down. Posting justification for your own beliefs is always a good thing.

I've got tons of christian friends on facebook. They never post on my atheist posts, either because they refuse to pay attention to them, or because they simply don't want to hear my response to their arguments.

A lot of my best friends are christian, and it doesn't really bother me, because they know it should remain in their private lives. Anything religious they do by themselves, I treat as I would any other cultural habit.

I never once attacked him for his beliefs, But everytime I post anything up about Corruption in the bible, or Bad things the Church has done and is in the news for, he attacks me and says Im being an asshole?!


Now he is trying to turn things around, as if I attacked him. Clearly you can see, he is the one that jumps on everyone of my post and attacks me, and trys to convert me into Christianity. 




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