Hi all


Just wondering if anyone else on here watches QI (Quite Interesting)?


It is hosted by a british comedian and atheist named Stephen Fry and is seriously worthwhile. I love this show!!!


This quote is from the first epiisode.

[On the subject of Adam and Eve]
Stephen Fry: But perhaps, you know, we should believe in Adam and Eve. Geneticists have established that every woman in the world shares a single female ancestor who lived a hundred and fifty thousand years ago. Scientists actually call her "Eve", and every man shares a single male ancestor called "Adam". It's also been established, however, that Adam was born eighty thousand years after Eve. So the world before him was one of heavy to industrial-strength lesbianism, one assumes.



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I love that show... Stephen Fry is awesome!
there are quite a few clips of it on youtube. 8)
I <3 Stephen Fry. He is much awesome. And QI totally rules. It and Big Bang Theory are the only things on TV I watch - though Bad Universe is about to start over here, so that'll make three shows. ;-)
I watch it religiously (if you'll pardon the pun!).. Got S1 on DVD, plus a couple of the books.. It's one of the best panel shows around in my opinion; very funny but highly educational, and always truly fascinating.. Long may it reign!
Stephen fry is one of our national treasures and a world wide known intellectual,a great comedian in his younger days in shows like Blackadder but now more thought of as the most intelligent man in the business(t.v),his name often comes up in the u.k when the question is asked who would you like most to have dinner with or stuck on an island with for i guess his wit and knowledge on all subjects.check out the debate he did with Christopher Hitchens against John Onaiyekan and Ann Widdencombe on the subject of is the catholic faith a source for good in the world its on youtube i think.great man

I saw that debate a while back. What a gem.

Q.I is one of my favourite shows, and that quote in the main post is epic :)

He is a champ, we also watch it with near religious fervor and have all the books. Seriously awesome. I will check out that debate though, i havent seen it yet but i love his take on things.

First time I heard mr. Fry was when he was paired up with Hitchens to debate the Catholic Church.  


A brilliant intellectual of the highest order.  I thought he was doing better than Hitchens, personally.  

It is a excellent show and has been running for a few years. Seen them all. They do not suffer fools or foolish ideas - like bad science or religions. Plenty of good stuff on utube.


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