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Heh. Almost as good as Doonesbury's strip on if a creationist wanted treatment for the evolved form of his disease or the 'original' one.
Get out of my head!
*wiggles fingers*

I knew it!
The Mind Taker! lol classic
Ha! I need to print this.
haha yeah it is a real good one to print out on your fridge lol
You know.. I think if they actively BLOCK funding for disease research, they simply shouldn't be allowed the products of its findings.
If faced with that decision, how many lobbyists would throw in the towel? All but a very small percent. If we insure the children of THOSE crazies still get proper medical care I say let them die. At least the kids will be raised by a normal, sane adult.
If you reject science, you don't get to benefit from it. Now turn in your big screen TVs, give up your cars, and go back to hunting/gathering for food. No spears, you have to wrestle the animals to the ground and kill them with your bare hands!
LOL! "No spears, you have to wrestle the animals to the ground and kill them with your bare hands!" YOU JUST GOT RID OF MY HICKCUPS! DAVE..
Glad I could be of service. :)



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