The Barna Group ("a leading research organization focused on the intersection of faith and culture") recently published a piece that is very telling regarding the intersection of faith and sports in American life: Two-Thirds of Americans Say Pro Athletes Have More Influence on Soc... (2/2013).

The study is worth a look.  I can't vouch for The Barna Group, but the research is fairly enlightening... and disturbing. 

Anyone else find that the mixing of organized sports and organized religion is "telling"?  I'll admit... I pretty much abhor sports because, like rock concerts, they remind me of a bunch of sheeples at a Billy Graham Crusade... just slightly different attire.

What about the sports/religion connection in America disturbs you most? If you as an atheist are very much into professional sports of any kind, how do you respond to the roles that some athletes use to spread their message ... Tebow being the most obvious... but what about 90% of the locker room interviews that mention God?

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Unforunately athletes are not educated men in general, but have a bunch of power. And as Spiderman said: "With a lot of power, comes a lot of responsibility". Unfortunately, this people are being irresponsable and it is sad.
I remeber I always admired more Christian athletes than Catholic, or athletes who weren't vocal about their religion, when I was a child. Fortunately, education, science, and internet made me see the truth, and I think that with a good education in science, reason and logic people will see the truth.
My point is that athletes have freedom of speech and can talk about god or whatever they want, and although they have a big influence, education is what should dictate this ideas, not uneducate men. The problem we can agree, is on the education system, not in athletes (even though they should be more intelligent).


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