Our hard working & highly paid athletes have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, they show the world that down to hard work, dedication & investment they can achieve greatness, & at the same time inspire a generation of future athletes. But who is at the heart of all of this? God.
Before a race/football game an athlete will raise his or her hands, look up at the sky (UFO's??) & lose themselves in a moment of spirituality. & at the end they will thank god for their victory (even though the losing athletes believe in the same god & prayed for a win) Isn't this an insult to their trainers, coaches & fellow players? What about their own natural ability that got them where they are.

Religion has no place in society, & even more so in sport. Athletes are role models & are doing the work of the church on the field in front of millions of weak minded people.

Last year a footballer in the English Premiership collapsed on the field & suffered a massive heart attack infront of millions of television viewers, he was clinically dead for 70 minutes. with the help of hard working educated doctors he was revived & now leading a full & healthy life. But the media seemed to focus on prayer, asking the nation to 'pray for Mumba' in their headlines. Of course it was a deeply sad situation to happen to a young talented player, but I was offended by what was being asked of me. Mumba believes prayers helped him, & his experience is generating great PR for the church.

Has the church found a vital avenue for exposure?
Are sportsmen & women influencing young weak minded people?                                                              

Of course its wrong to generalise, not everyone does it, but a lot do, too many in my opinion. 

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You & Mohammad :D

I am a huge sports fan, and this frustrates me to no end. The idea that if there were a god, that he'd be picking teams or helping one team beat another is absurd. I do believe though that our youth should be more influenced by their parents than these "role models". A lot of pro athletes show very poor sportsmanship, and it is the job of the parent to teach the kids right. We are responsible for what our children learn, in spite of what the see on TV. We have to be able to filter the bullshit...


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