"Spiritually Bankrupt" Dan rathers on the ongoing church scandal and cover up.

This story is absolutely huge to me. I have an enormous respect for Dan
Rathers for his integrity as a reporter so I will not attempt to make
his story my own. I hope you all follow this link and read the story in its entirety before writing a reply.


"Earlier this month, Pope Benedict XVI issued the first apology to priest abuse victims from St. Peter's Square - a gesture intended to show that church leadership is finally ready to confront this growing scandal.
But in reporting a recent story, we found that behind the scenes - and in court - the church has taken a much less contrite and more confrontational position. Our investigation found that in various dioceses across the United States, church leaders were going great lengths to avoid making amends with the same victims of abuse they claimed to be trying to make peace with.
Facing waves of lawsuits by now-adult victims, we found the church has reacted more like a big business than a sacred institution: Wealthy dioceses have claimed to be broke and taken the drastic act of filing for bankruptcy. Only when forced to open their ledgers in bankruptcy proceedings does it become clear that several of these dioceses were actually flush with assets - cash, real estate, parishes - that it could have made available to victims seeking restitution."

The church is effectively burying, disguising, or omitting its assets in effort to evade paying restitution to the injured parties. The anti-theist in me is honestly giddy with excitement that they chose this route and are being exposed. I feel terrible for sex abuse victims across the board, but my battle against religion as an American citizen has hardened my stance against them. I am glad that they chose the contemptible path of side stepping the issue, and shorting the victims and are being exposed for the charlatans they truly are. It's against my nature to rejoice at someone elses misfortune but my endless unhappiness with religion forces me to view this as in some respects, a victory.

On one hand the optimist in me sees this as a perfect time for religious followers of all faiths to do some introspection and really look into what they believe, who they worship, and who they follow. I feel like this is a victory for Atheism, a moment of recent history begging everyone to lift their religious veil and to think rationally. On the other hand I am afraid that the incredible tool of denial that the religious so skillfully employ will once again be wielded, and shroud this issue once again in darkness.

I wrote my two cents, I look forward to reading the replies of my fellow Atheists. Oh and one more thing, if I am out of line or incorrect in my excitement due to this news please, let me know. I care about being impartial and being correct.

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As long as there are sheep there will be a shepherd to fleece them. The Catholic church began in corruption when it claimed Jesus designated Simon Peter the first pope [Jesus whom it created]. And it has been steeped in corruption ever since. I once tried to find out how much the Catholic Church was worth in dollars and was informed that it reigns as a sovereign nation and as such does not have to reveal its net worth. Hundreds of millions of Catholics live in poverty while the Catholic hierarchy decks itself out in gold jewelry and designer outfits all running into the tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention eating off gold plates with an army of servants waiting on its every command. And a pope who goes about in a bullet proof limo--that's real faith for ye! As I write this dozens of children are undoubtedly being raped by church officials somewhere--and little if anything will be done about it. For the law applies not to them but thou....
Here is the belgium raid story http://www.huffingtonpost.com/wayne-besen/belgiums-raid-on-catholic...

I can't believe no one has anything to say about this.
The Holiday Weekend in the US has slowed the content considerably.

It's a great thing that Belgium decided to take them on. I don't imagine that we'll find too many elected prosecutors eager to take on the religious leaders of 30% of their constituents here. We might get to see it in some areas though.

Immunity to lawsuits was removed by the Supreme Court as well as John Doe has been allowed to sue the Holy See. The veil is being dropped and the lawsuits getting into Vatican City will blow back the curtain. I'm reminded of the end of the Old Covenant when the curtain to the Holiest of Holies was torn and Christianity was founded. Will this pulling back of the curtain by governments world wide be the end of the Catholic Church? One can only hope!


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