Hi Everyone


Just a quick hello to members of this community.


I was a conditioned Christian in my childhood and then in an act of rebellion I became a spiritualist which seemed so much more open minded.  What I didn't realise was that I was swapping one irrational belief system for another one which can be harmful in lots of ways. 


There is a lot of focus on mainstream religions as harmful to humanity but the spiritualist movement seems to get little atheist attention so that will be my focus.  Not only are people ripped off, they are also fed the most horrendous lies about what dangers they face. These include:


Being told when they will die ( I was told too and this had a huge psychological effect on me at the time).

The promotion of energy vampires who are spirit entities or people who make people ill or feel bad in some way which you pay to be removed through energy healing.

Faking talking to the dead, guides or other entities which give advice about the future.

Influencing peoples future with powerful suggestions about which direction they have to take.

The Law of attraction and other positive thinking theories using metaphysical quantum jargon which sounds good but doesn't mean anything.

Delusional rituals and practises to leave the body and travel astrally, protection from negative people and entities, connecting to spirit guides and so on.


the list goes on really.


Look forward to chatting with you and you can find out more about me and the spiritualist movement here. Goodbye God?



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