Special independent investigator named to investigate Trump/Russia

Huffington Post article here

This is a big fucking deal (reference to a famous Joe Biden quote).

The biggest mistake Trump made leading up to this was using Asst Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as an excuse to fire then FBI Director James Comey. It's well known that Rosenstein didn't appreciate being portrayed as the bad guy in that scenario.

With Attorney General Sessions having recused himself (withdrawn himself) from the investigation, Rosenstein was free to retaliate. We know that after being used by Trump as an excuse to fire Comey, he considered quitting his job .Obviously, he hit on something even better. And Trump giving away a classified ("code word") secret to visiting Russians was the final straw on the camel's back.

Technically, I suppose, since the Justice Dept (of which the Attorney General and Assistant Attorney General are employees), Trump could fire Rosenstein and even the Special Counsel, but that would lead immediately to impeachment proceedings. That isn't an option for Trump.

"Rosenstein...appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller to serve as special prosecutor overseeing the investigation into Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election." Now, what's the difference between a Special Counsel and a Special Prosecutor? None, really. The difference is mainly in name only. There was an agency in the government which ran independent investigations under Special Prosecutors, but it no longer exists. The Special Counsel will have the same power to investigate without supervision or direction from above and follow evidence wherever it takes him.

Mueller is a man respected far and wide by members of both parties. He's considered an honest prosecutor and committed only to truth and justice, not one party or the other. 

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Trump could fire Rosenstein and even the Special Counsel, but that would lead immediately to impeachment proceedings. That isn't an option for Trump.

Are we sure Trump wouldn't prefer impeachment over legal prosecution?

If there WERE crimes, he wouldn't escape them by becoming an ordinary citizen. And don't forget two things:

1. Two investigations of Trump's ties to Russia are going on in Congress. The one in the Senate in particular seems pretty bipartisan.

2. Trump has no real friends even in the GOP. They had to tolerate him to try to get their agenda passed. The GOP will gladly get rid of him to make a more regular Republican, Mike Pence, President. In fact, they'll jump at the opportunity. Trump has become a liability, threatening their prospects in the next congressional elections.

Perhaps, but maybe impeachment could give him more time to leave before being pardoned by president #45B?

(Consider also Trump's possible motive to paint it all as just a political conspiracy [in a broken political system] against him, and launch a Trump [reality] News channel. In fact, he might even believe it!)

Let us all hold hands and pray to the Great President in the SKY for don trump to go away.  AMEN.


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