South Park kill threat over Mohammed bear

Wed Apr 14 2010

"A radical Islamic website has warned the creators of South Park they may be murdered
after the Prophet Mohammed was depicted in a bear suit in their 200th show.


The website posted the threat against creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone after the episode aired on Sunday, FOX News reports.

The post included a photograph of Dutch politician Theo Van Gogh, who was shot dead in 2004 by an Islamic extremist because of his documentary on violence against Muslim women.”

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1. South Park is making fun of the Muslims for an Islamic nation threatening a teacher with whipping for her classroom voting to name the class teddy bear after their precious prophet. The Islamic nation knows the creators of South Park knew what they were doing.

3. Many Islamic leaders want to take away all freedoms.

4. Islam was spread through the force of violence. Anybody trying to counter that argument often defends Islam by pulling quotes from the earlier, peaceful era of the Koran.

5. Hamas made "just a cartoon" as well. A ripoff of Disney's Mickey Mouse to put on their nationalized tv station for their children's programming block to teach the kiddies about how it is their duty to fight "The Great Satan and Little Satan."
I haven't seen a South Park episode in quite some time, but just out of coincidence I saw most of this episode. This threat is hilarious considering the whole reason Mohamed was in the bear suit to begin with.

This 'extremism' is pathetic. We're supposed to be cowering in fear of these ruthless minions of some angry god, but I'm always stuck with the mental image of a guy who has been rejected by some girl with whom he had an imaginary and obsessive relationship.

Dear Muslim extremists, I'm sorry that things didn't work out as you hoped between us and that your heart was broken, but we can't continue on like this. I don't want to patronize you with the 'We can still be friends' line, but I do still care enough to tell you that you need to get help for your emotional problems. This isn't healthy. You still have a chance at happiness in this life. Please don't throw that all way over some bizarre obsession over something that was all in your head. I apologize if I ever misled you, but there was never anything romantic between us. I hope you find some peace and can move on with your life.

Also, please stop calling the house in the middle of the night and breathing heavily into the phone. My husband is getting quite upset and I don't want him to resort to violence over this.

Of course, that sad thing about my scenario is that the woman ('western' nations) may actually be a bit of a cock tease in the whole affair, but that still doesn't excuse all the crazy. I will make it clear that I truly am referring to terrorists and extremists here, and not Islam itself. I've met enough Muslims that I fully respect, and I have not interest in tearing these people or people like them down.
Violence is the answer!
When I saw this episode, I knew something was wrong, I googled the episode and I learned what happened. This is a free country where we can express anything we want, at least we should, now they are over here limiting that right.


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