South Park kill threat over Mohammed bear

Wed Apr 14 2010

"A radical Islamic website has warned the creators of South Park they may be murdered
after the Prophet Mohammed was depicted in a bear suit in their 200th show.


The website posted the threat against creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone after the episode aired on Sunday, FOX News reports.

The post included a photograph of Dutch politician Theo Van Gogh, who was shot dead in 2004 by an Islamic extremist because of his documentary on violence against Muslim women.”

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Keep doing what you're doing, Parker and Stone. Tell those Islamic meatheads that they can't keep pushing the world around to conform to their twisted views.
Yep, Mario I agree those guys at South Park are doing a great job. Theo van Gogh was also courageous in exposing those 'Islamic meatheads.' It is a sad, sorry and twisted world that those fundamentalists live in. Unfortunately the thing is we have to share the planet with those extremist archaic views. And when they impose their beliefs on our freedoms it definitely makes the blood boil.
I wrote an article on this earlier today which includes the Muslim video. I hope you will all check it out.

Muslim fundamentalist threaten South Park

Keep up the good work man. I will definitely check out your article and watch the vid.
Did you guys see that the website with the threats got hacked?

A toast to ethical hackers! I love it!
Can you feel the love?
I sure can. I feel sorry for the moderate Muslims who do not believe in all the fundamentalists crap.
This is hilarious to me for sooo many reasons.
The creators of South Park are ANYTHING but documentary writers.
These guys are filthy rich, fully used to religious fanatics wanting their blood, and fully knew what they were doing.
If it's going to be this pair vs. the typical goat-herding, cave dwelling Muslim extremist
-or hell, the suit wearing, yuppy-but-brainwashed Muslim extremist...who do you think is going to win?
Face it. Stone and Parker could hire their own mercenary/corporate security group to knock on the door of's head office, bite the noses off of every employee there, and then exit the country ala The A Team.
Shame the original article got something wrong. Theo van Gogh wasn't a politician. He was a film director, producer, columnist and more, and was actually shot and then stabbed by a muslim wackjob. He also liked to refer to muslims as goatf**kers.
There was probably some confusion with the assassination of Pim Fortuyn. Pim was a Dutch politician and was shot and killed. Not by a muslim but by some radical environmentalist.

Regarding this South Park episode:
1. Is it even mohammed? All I see is a cartoon character is a bear suit.
2. Blasphemy is a victimless crime.
3. muslims should understand that in our civilised part of the world we have this thing called freedom of speech or as I prefer freedom of opinion.
4. They should also learn that killing people or threaten to kill people is highly immoral. Seems like only Atheists get this.
5. Seriously, it's just a cartoon.
Be careful with what you say in your second sentence of #4. Atheism is only the lack of belief in gods. There could very well be Atheists who support killing for any number of reasons. Also, there is much fighting within each religion. There are some christians who support killing abortion doctors, but most do not. None of this has an bearing on whether or not religious claims are true. Most of us are Atheists because of the absoulute lack of evidence for any religous claim. That said, be careful not to misrepresent the position of Atheism. In these cases it is better to refer to secular humanism.
1. South Park is making fun of the Muslims for an Islamic nation threatening a teacher with whipping for her classroom voting to name the class teddy bear after their precious prophet. The Islamic nation knows the creators of South Park knew what they were doing.

3. Many Islamic leaders want to take away all freedoms.

4. Islam was spread through the force of violence. Anybody trying to counter that argument often defends Islam by pulling quotes from the earlier, peaceful era of the Koran.

5. Hamas made "just a cartoon" as well. A ripoff of Disney's Mickey Mouse to put on their nationalized tv station for their children's programming block to teach the kiddies about how it is their duty to fight "The Great Satan and Little Satan."


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