Just earlier, I was talking to a new friend online. It was a very stimulating and intelligent conversation, in which we both learned an incredible amount about not only each other, but about a variety of other topics, as well. I posted up a video he linked me to, which I found to be pretty moving, and I hope you see it (What's in Your Mind?). At one point in my life, I believed it was impossible to have a civil, meaningful conversation about religion with any kind of fundamentalist (did I mention that my friend is a  Muslim fundamentalist?). Now I've come to realize that I was just biased, because all (literally, I'm not exaggerating when I say ALL) of the fundamentalists I've spoke with thus so far where I'm at (Arkansas) are incapable of civil discussion when it comes to religion (most of them were morons, too). Now I know, and through that knowledge, I'd like to think I've become a more well-rounded individual.
Just thought I'd share the good news, and a message to you all from my friend. :)

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Oh, and just so we're clear here, this by no means makes me any less of an asshole. You come at me preaching and attempting to convert me to your religion, and I WILL still verbally break my rational boot off in your delusional ass. Just so you know...
In our talks on religion, I've found that he is VERY MUCH a Muslim Fundamentalist. He's more of a rogue, though. He believes his religion is one of peace and hates the suicide-bombing and whatnot that others do in the name of his religion (which is pretty much par for the course). He also, though, believes that unless you believe as he does (aka 'of Muslim faith') by choice, then you are not bound by Sharia Law (which he fully supports, if memory serves). His faith is at the core of his existence, but he's not out to convert the world. Oh, and he loves SoS! He's Awesome!
So he's a fundamentalist, but not a violent extremist. Although, and I may be wrong here, but doesn't Sharia Law include bits about how non-Muslims are supposed to pay some kind of 'infidel t ax' to be permitted to live peacefully in an area governed by Sharia Law? Wouldn't that mean that, at least in part, non-Muslims would be bound by it?
I'm ex-muslim so I can help . Sharia is a religious law based on coran . this law oblige a muslim to obey it otherwise you'll be punished . for example if you steal something they'll cut your hand . Nowadays modern muslim think that some laws have to be changed into civilized laws while fondamentalist think that sharia is a law decided by god and it can't be changed and nobody has the right to discuss how barbarian these laws are. the tax payed by non muslims is something else I don't know what it is called in english .
hello Chris
the problem is about lots of muslims , they think that islam and the quran and mohamed is better than them
it's bad they also believe that mohamed is totally a perfect man maybe a close to god
but the truth is that a Muslim away from his religions is a normal better human
and yes .. he acts in a good way away from the things that islam wants him to do
the quran is a very mixed up book
in a place you read that muslims should fight the non muslims so the whole people become muslims
and in another place in the same book allah says every one is free to fallow his own religions
that he tells muslims that he had punished the Joe and christian by turning them to monkeys and pigs ?
I really don't know how could muslims can take all of that craziness ... well the god of the universe help them to be free from that crazy religion

i was a x muslem ... and i never ever fallowed the hating thing for other people
i was a very open mind human ... and never stoped loving .. that's why it was so easy to become a non religion person in the end
cause you cant go on muslim if you don't think in Islamic way .
Hi loona I'm glad to see an ex-muslim here .
Yeah the contradictions in coran shows definetly the humanity of that book . if we study the Coran historically , all the peaceful passages belongs to the period when muslims were weak in Mecque and since they had a minimum of power Coran started to tell them they should fight in the name of god ...
hi haithem .. me too as well nice to see an ex-muslim here.
and yes you have said it right ... so Mohamed started as a nice guy then when he began to take advices from his friends like Omar he began a violence islam
the truth is so clear but Muslims only chose to cover their brains so they wont think badly about mohamed and his friends
Hey loona, nice to hear from you again! :)
Anyway, I'm kind of curious about something, and I was wondering if it was related to what you've said. Ahmad attempts to correct me every time I call him 'sir.' He prefers I use the term 'slave' (I believe he said it's because it's an honor to serve Mohamed/Allah or something). This is something I just can't understand. Why would anyone WANT to be considered a slave? It blows my mind! Have you any insight into this strange idea? Do all Muslim Fundamentalists prefer the term, or is it just something he's concocted? Any information on this would help, as I could never fathom why someone would do this.
hello dear Chris .. I was happy to see your topic so I can reply in it
and yes all muslims likes to be called as slaves
cause allah in his book tell them that he only create humans to be slaves so they only pray for allah
i will look for the ayah in english ,, it needs some time
" I only created djins and human being to worship me" chap75-56
oh thanks haithem .. that's good
I really never read the quran in english
me too ;) I just translated it from arabic :p :p


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