So, here's an interesting thought.
Let's say that you were to find significant evidence that the reality that you perceive is nothing more than a product of your imagination. This evidence, while overwhelming, would not fully convince you. However, you'd know that in order to find out, you'd have to fully accept the truth, which is the one that what you've experienced so far isn't the absolute reality, and everyone you've ever thought you've known has been nothing more than some electrical reactions in your almost disabled brain. Now, if you accepted this, and the evidence turned out to be correct, this world would disappear and you would wake up in the real world, where your family might be waiting for you. Everyone you'd ever known, anyone you'd ever heard about, the physical laws, every philosopher, every book, every cookie recipe would seize to exist.
Would you take the chance to leave everything you've ever known, even though you knew it wasn't real, to enter the world that all the evidence pointed to?

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From that logic, Cara, every single theory ever thought of was a product of your mind. Thusly, you wrote E = MC^2 etc. Ironicaly, you also invented the concept of god and his inconsistancies. If anything, you're a computer left on a dying planet running and endless amount of simulations through probobility and then wiping yourself. Who knows how many times you have realized this only for the program to end and your memory being wiped? The problem with this arguement is that you could throw an endless amount of theories out to the masses and you would not be able to prove or disprove any of them as our own logic could be designed or kept in check so that we cannot guess at what reality really is.
But, all in all, this discussion is very interesting.
Shhh... no dissenting or challenges allowed in my world! I've decided that contradictions CAN exist here.
Ah, I wondered when solipsism would rear its head.

What if the "real world" is just another fantasy, like this one.
And what if the 'real world' in that 'real world' is a fantasy? Either you have an infinte amount of 'real worlds' or the eventually you cycle back to the first thusly making reality nul. If that is the case, I'll prefer to live in this world; we may have rednecks, but at least I know that my subatomics will not suddenly decide to ignore the Strong Nuclear Force.
Yes. My world is safer. See what a good idea it was for me to invent Strong Nuclear Force! ;)

(I'm having way too much fun with this)


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