So, here's an interesting thought.
Let's say that you were to find significant evidence that the reality that you perceive is nothing more than a product of your imagination. This evidence, while overwhelming, would not fully convince you. However, you'd know that in order to find out, you'd have to fully accept the truth, which is the one that what you've experienced so far isn't the absolute reality, and everyone you've ever thought you've known has been nothing more than some electrical reactions in your almost disabled brain. Now, if you accepted this, and the evidence turned out to be correct, this world would disappear and you would wake up in the real world, where your family might be waiting for you. Everyone you'd ever known, anyone you'd ever heard about, the physical laws, every philosopher, every book, every cookie recipe would seize to exist.
Would you take the chance to leave everything you've ever known, even though you knew it wasn't real, to enter the world that all the evidence pointed to?

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I'd definitely follow the evidence to find out what's at the bottom, for any situation. Maybe the Riemann hypothesis is proven in the real world!
Hey Dude, every morning is just like that, sheesh!
Sure, although attaining that might be a bit difficult, as how would I know that the evidence that reality is not real, but rather a product of my brain, is not itself a product of my brain? If I'm imagining the entire universe, then I may well be imagining that evidence as well.
Yes, the evidence would be a product of your imagination. Still, it doesn't matter what source the evidence comes from. If it's valid, it's valid.
Ah, but how would I know that it is valid? Or, in fact, if this brave new reality I awoke to was not also a product of my fevered imagination and no more real (or even less real) than the one in which I previously resided?
"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein.
Ironically, he also said, "Raffiniert ist der Herrgott, aber boshaft ist er nicht." Which means, 'Subtle is the Lord(or Lord-God), but malicious He is not."
It is ironic how perhaps one of the most intelligent men in the last hundred years said that this god was not malicious. This was, of course, before he escaped the rising Nazi party and the mass killing of the Jews. I wonder if he regreted that statement in later life?

Personally, I would try to find more evidence and try to understand this 'real' reality before plunging headfirst. In the case of rabbiholes: One size does not fit all.
As far as men like Einstein goes, it really sucks that they have a long list of quotes to refer back to sometimes. I'd hate it if someone quoted something I said even five years ago; fortunately, I'm not Einstein so no one's going to go back in time and use my statements out of context to prove their point. I think he was constantly frustrated that theists tried to contort what he said to mean he believed a god existed.
Hell yeah I'd leave this world. It'd be almost like traveling to another planet! Plus the fact that I'd be a super-genius for having such an incredible imagination! I could be the next Stephen Hawking (assuming this brain damage left me paralytic). In fact, I'd steal all his ideas since he doesn't really exist anyway... not to mention Darwin's and Einstein's ideas! I'd be a prodigy. Who knows what the world I really come from would be like? It could be way more advanced or far less advanced. In any case, damn! I'm a genius! ;)
Most likely though, none of the laws of any scientist would apply, since this world would most likely be vastly different. :p
Even still, I could write some bad ass sci-fi, right? I doubt the "real world" would be so different that I couldn't convey some of what I've been dreaming about. :) Since this is MY dream, I demand that all dissenters be silent and not challenge my ideas!

From that logic, Cara, every single theory ever thought of was a product of your mind. Thusly, you wrote E = MC^2 etc. Ironicaly, you also invented the concept of god and his inconsistancies. If anything, you're a computer left on a dying planet running and endless amount of simulations through probobility and then wiping yourself. Who knows how many times you have realized this only for the program to end and your memory being wiped? The problem with this arguement is that you could throw an endless amount of theories out to the masses and you would not be able to prove or disprove any of them as our own logic could be designed or kept in check so that we cannot guess at what reality really is.
But, all in all, this discussion is very interesting.
Shhh... no dissenting or challenges allowed in my world! I've decided that contradictions CAN exist here.


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