Have you ever had an experience of something not known to or accepted by the scientific community? It is so bizarre to know something is possible that is considered impossible by mainstream sources of information. I'm confident that it will be studied and accepted in the future but due to the stigma of my position I would not disclose the experience to those outside of my closest confidants.*

*In an effort not to seem paranoid, woo, or spiritual, I will disclose that I'm not getting probed by aliens, seeing Bigfoot in my backyard, communing with ley lines, or self-diagnosing "morgellons disease."

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The supernatural is an ever receding pocket of scientific ignorance. 

I should also say the supernatural is a synonym for the invisible, and the invisible and the non-existent are very much alike.

I'll share something: this is kind of personal (very personal actually, but I can take you skeptics)... but I am curious if anyone else knows what I'm talking about (or does have a scientific explanation because I would like to know if there is one...I have never had a "supernatural experience," however I have experienced several instances of an adrenaline rush so strong that everything moved in REALLY slow motion and I was aware of every little movement and detail, that I could have heard a pin drop, while simultaneously being aware of every one around me. All of my senses were on highest alert and I had strength stronger than I am physically capable and I felt as though I was going to die, but had no emotion about anything. It was pure survival. I cannot even put it into words to do it justice. You may dismiss this experience as pure adrenaline, what I can't explain, (and I don't know if science can either,) is how when I looked at everyone's face around me I could anticipate and almost calculate their next move. As if to be able to read their minds. I have never thought mind reading was possible, but in this instance (and only in this state) I could. I don't mean mind reading like a fortune teller. I mean mind reading their deepest emotions and intentions and knowing what they were going to do next, and how, and the most bone-chilling - why. I don't understand how I saw everything in slow motion and I don't understand how I could read their minds. Anyway, that's one thing I've experienced.

That sounds like a pretty standard fight or flight adrenalin situation.  Your ability to read the minds of others was just a state of your mind short cutting the decision making process rather than spending time second guessing the potential reactions of others.  When those decisions were wrong they were just discarded and new evaluations were made in one shot without second guessing.  It only seemed that you were anticipating their every move but in reality you just weren't taking the time to record your errors or doubt yourself

I understand that a lot of people might think I'm "woo" for saying I could read their minds while in "fight or flight mode"...but here's my real question/challenge: Let's assume for a moment that I am correct that I was in fact reading their minds...My curiosity is: What is the scientific explanation behind that? HOW could I read their minds. I would really like to know if anyone has a scientific answer to this for me.

The scientific explanations always come back showing that there is no mind reading going on.  The belief that mind reading is going on is a psychological phenomenon based on a number of 'flaws' that help us through stressful events.  The primary contributor to that belief is confirmation bias - as I said, you don't take the time to survey your hits and misses and certainly don't have time to pay attention to misses, you simply update a new guess and move forth without a second guess - again because you don't have time to second guess.  This leaves you with a series of events wherein you act on impulse after impulse without pause - which statistically is often better than wasting time lamenting errors and double guessing next steps.


Why should we speculate about HOW a phenomenon happens before it's been established that it DOES happen?

Okay, try this. Let's assume that I can turn into a fierce black leopard after sundown (the idea behind the movie Cat People). Explain how that could be. 

Now, don't you think that's absurd without some sort of proof that I actually can turn into a leopard?

Hey Unseen, Laugh all you want my friend, but check this out:


See almost the last sentence under "Psychology of the stress response." and I quote:

"There may be a period of heightened awareness, during which each animal interprets behavioral signals from the other. Signs such as paling, piloerection, immobility, sounds, and body language communicate the status and intentions of each animal."

Heather, I really like your explanation. You're probably right. But I am interested in seeing if anyone can explain this to me though. If it were a matter of "hit or miss," I would be dead. Obviously I'm still here, so I think there must be something more to it. I have always believed that there is, but I don't understand the science behind it.

I was in a car crash a couple of weeks ago, and I experienced the "time slows down" feeling, which I've been trying to rationalise (oddly, no fear involved).

So lets hypothesise.  If time actually does 'slow down' for you, then imagine the expressions and body language of someone else gives off say ten points of reference, but normally its so fast that we only pick up on on two or three of those.  Now with time seeming slower (adrenaline related) you can actually pick up and process all ten points.  Perhaps, equipped with those ten points, you can far better assess the other persons mental processes, giving rise to the feeling of mental communication.

This is a very interesting story. I had the same feeling during a wreck. I was calm enough and had enough "time" to recall advice on how to prepare myself for impact-closing eyes, tucking tongue away from my teeth, and relaxing my muscles. It seemed like I was waiting for time to pass, but it couldn't have been more than 2 seconds. Isn't the body amazing!?

Maybe the only thing there is to it is your heightened awareness, during which each animal interprets behavioral signals from the other.  No ESP necessary.  As for hit'n'miss, you need to look at the statistical outcomes.  If 900 soldiers die on the battle field but 100 survive, remembering all their great instincts, the statistics indicate that such instincts give a 90% failure rate, while the 10% who survived see their own survival as 100% success.

So basically the 900, on dying, think that god deserted them, and maybe he doesn't exist, but the 100 that survive think w00t! Jesus saves!

Guess who we are left with - the 100.  Good maths there, Heather (Goddess)


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