Have you ever had an experience of something not known to or accepted by the scientific community? It is so bizarre to know something is possible that is considered impossible by mainstream sources of information. I'm confident that it will be studied and accepted in the future but due to the stigma of my position I would not disclose the experience to those outside of my closest confidants.*

*In an effort not to seem paranoid, woo, or spiritual, I will disclose that I'm not getting probed by aliens, seeing Bigfoot in my backyard, communing with ley lines, or self-diagnosing "morgellons disease."

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@Belle Rose

Let's assume for the moment you are of the opinion that you can at certain times under stressful situations read the thoughts and emotions of people around you.

I am willing to assume that because it does indeed seem to be the case.

How would you Belle Rose explain the above assumption about someone else?  In a scientific manner of course.

If I ask you for a scientific explanation of the Space Monkey I "know" I saw last night, can you provide me with one?

Hey Gregg: the answer is "I don't know" that's my point. We're talking about the question:

"Have you ever had an experience of something not known to or accepted by the scientific community?"

So I'm challenging the crowd to consider: Can we read people's minds under stressful circumstances? It's not something I'm aware that the scientific community accepts or knows about, (prove me wrong :)

Show me someone who claims to have this power and I'll help them get $1 million if they'll put up their claim to scrutiny by James Randi, :D

Better hurry from what I understand they will be discontinuing that challenge.

Yes, well 50 years of actually taking the time to scrutinize bullshit claims is likely all James Randi has in him.  Perhaps, for the next 50 years, people claiming psychic abilities can, instead, offer a million dollars to anyone who will actually believe them, ha ha ha!

@Belle Rose,

Prove me wrong about the Space Monkey.

What would prove the Space Monkey wrong?

What lack of evidence proves the Space Monkey wrong?

Who is required to prove the existence of the Space Monkey?  You or Me?

Hi Gregg, you pose a good counter argument. I suppose you would have to prove the space monkey and I would have to prove that I was able to read their mind/intentions. Problem: How do you prove a subjective experience? You can't, right? I know that's where you were going so I'll beat you there ;) But there IS a scientific explanation for my experience. I just don't know what it is and so far Heather has come the closest to addressing the question. You however are dodging the question.

Anyway Kairan, there you go. Science will probably never accept such woo.

Definitely have to give you props for putting that out there. Thanks for sharing! I think critical thinkers can be interested in what appears to be woo, because debunking it can be very informative. Look what useful information about human nature Heather's hypothesis brings to light...

@Belle Rose,

A subjective experience is by it's nature is not provable by a scientific empirical method, which requires objective evidence, which is why personal testimony will never suffice as a means of proof.

The scientific method has been used to vet the question of "mind reading" in sufficient numbers to confirm that it does not occur.  To overcome the mountains of objective testing (and confirmation of the nil) of the hypothesis (ie. mind reading), you will need some extraordinary objective evidence independently  verified by many different sources. 

If you truly would like to know why your brain "fools" you into thinking that you can or have read minds, get involved with Neuroscience, the advances in the last decade have been extraordinary.

It is possible to become so in sync with someone's else's thoughts that one can appear to be reading their mind.

That's the answer right there. No science needed. I've been friends with people with such mutual understanding that we often finished each other's sentences. If one is gullible, it can seem we are reading each others' minds, whereas we simply know each other.

However, one can be so in tune with a stranger, too, as to be able to anticipate the way they think. OR you can know their type (predatory or submissive, for example) to be able to anticipate their behavior to a large degree. 

"Cold readers" are talented con men who can appear to be reading people's minds. Some of the techniques are outlined here

I have known my share of folks, including myself at times, that could just about predict the 'next comment'. Sadly a few people I have known seem to be a little overly predictable. This can come from excess exposure, living together, or 'mental universe size', where you can finally get to the top of another's functional/cognitive space, and start looking around. I expect we each carry this 'top' with us, with a little variation thrown in for novelty.

I find myself very happy when I can't find it in another person, but just figure that my monkey brain just stopped looking for the bananas... 


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