Have you ever had an experience of something not known to or accepted by the scientific community? It is so bizarre to know something is possible that is considered impossible by mainstream sources of information. I'm confident that it will be studied and accepted in the future but due to the stigma of my position I would not disclose the experience to those outside of my closest confidants.*

*In an effort not to seem paranoid, woo, or spiritual, I will disclose that I'm not getting probed by aliens, seeing Bigfoot in my backyard, communing with ley lines, or self-diagnosing "morgellons disease."

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As one of my students recently remarked: just because something is inconceivable does not mean that it is impossible.

How can a concept be inconceivable if that concept can be a subject of discussion?

Wouldn't that be a conceived concept?

So once conceived the "something" can no longer be described as "inconceivable".

That of course doesn't bring the "something" into the realm of possibility.

A concept may be inconceivable to people with very different types of brains etc. Anyway I'm not sure she was referring to a concept...

What else is there to refer to other than concepts or something that can be conceived?

@ Bo Bowler,

A concept may be inconceivable to people with very different types of brains etc

can you explain what you mean by that?

"different types of brains"

I have had experience with many people that seem to in very different ways than myself.

One friend could play chess blindfolded, with a very good showing of skill at the game.

Another, at memory skills.

Me with some learned skill at visualizing in 3d, and slices of higher deminsional data representaions.

Others seeing patterns that are mostly invisible to the rest of us.

My wife's music skill, playing and composition.

Our father's art ability, making him a well known painter locally.

But are they of 'different minds', or minds with dufferent skills that developed over time in a context?

The most common meaning for the word "inconceivable" is idiomatic. It means "very unlikely". If something is literally inconceivable, it couldn't even have a word to name it.

Inconceivable: (adjective) not conceivable

Let's take psychic phenomenon.  In general, this is not something considered 'impossible' - mostly because it is not something that is very well defined.  In the case of 'mind reading', well, we can communicate in a lot of non-verbal ways - that's probably why our faces have evolved they way they have, but even the way you rest your hands or feet says a lot.  Some people may feel they are really good at 'picking up on the feelings' of others.  In reality they may be slightly talented at reading body language.  When objective measures are set up for these abilities, however, all 'psychic' powers seem to just disappear.

If you get the feeling that science doesn't accept the possibility of your situation, it is likely because your particular claim has been investigated and shown, repeatedly, to not hold up to scrutiny.  If you feel that science doesn't know anything about your particular situation, then perhaps you should write about it anonymously and tell some relevant scientists about it so they can start keeping an eye out for this phenomenon.

You are a very cool young lady. I always enjoy reading your responses. Thanks

Thanks so much!  There aren't many women around here who can call me young, :D

Heather, I had a dream about you last night, is that OK?  I think you must represent an archetype in my psyche.  Yesterday I had been carrying on in a forthright manner, telling someone about my theory.  (which is hanging together.) 


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