Have you ever had an experience of something not known to or accepted by the scientific community? It is so bizarre to know something is possible that is considered impossible by mainstream sources of information. I'm confident that it will be studied and accepted in the future but due to the stigma of my position I would not disclose the experience to those outside of my closest confidants.*

*In an effort not to seem paranoid, woo, or spiritual, I will disclose that I'm not getting probed by aliens, seeing Bigfoot in my backyard, communing with ley lines, or self-diagnosing "morgellons disease."

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You get to know someone you can anticipate their likely reactions. It's a handy skill for a bunch of social apes like us.

I often anticipate what a loved one will say and blurt it out first just for fun. They seem so surprised and say I'm strange. Happened just this morning, in fact. When I was younger I was "read" by a "clairvoyant". I am still trying to figure that out. I taped it. She was very specific and accurate. I believe that many of these events will be explained by science in the future. We are just getting started.

Several years ago, two friends, that did not know each other, mentioned that they thought I had been a priest in a past life. I gave it no standing as a truth, but figured, 'hay better than a mass murderer'.

A few years latter, I was reading a little church history and fell upon a reference mentioning a priest 'Abelard', who had been a rather 'out there' fellow, that was known to challenge church dogma, study logic and fool around. He was latter defrocted, and his lady 'Elowese'(sp), joined a convent, else be offed during the Inquisition. I also found a documentary as part of a late 90's series concerning cultural anthropology that spends an hour studing the love between the who 'church' crossed lovers, and church power. My present wife, also mentioned Abelard during our courtship period, and suggested that she 'could' be Elowese. At this point giving up all sanity seems like an option, could be worse. At one time I had considered becoming a UU minister, but my giggle gage is set to high gain...   

Abelard and Heloise was a weird romantic book I read when I was younger.  The two fell in love, near the beginning of the book, although their love was forbidden (a bit like Romeo & Juliet).  A bunch of thugs hired by her uncle catch Abelard and castrate him, he survives as a eunuch and remains in a monastery, but the two continue to exchange love letters - as  I recall, their love continues throughout the book.

Here is a synopsis of the plot.

Thanks for reminding me, I was a little thin on the details.

You believe in the soul and reincarnation? Why?

I agree Robert that there doesn't have to be a "supernatural" explanation to what you describe - there could be a perfectly natural one that we simply don't yet understand. We see within a 7-color spectrum, but that is only a small fraction of the electromagnetic range - are there others out there who can see further, infrared for example, or ultraviolet, and simply never mention it because they accept it as just part of the normal range of sight, or perhaps are afraid they'll be considered odd?

I don't know, but if we dismiss entirely that telepathy or other extrasensory phenomena exist, then we cease investigating the possibility. I was speaking just today with Strega, who sees letters as colors, and this is a phenomena shared by only one in 2000 - who's to say there aren't other, perfectly natural, phenomena out there, just waiting to be discovered?

Sounds like a form of insanity you're talking about. I mean, if I see people walking on ceilings is that evidence of something science doesn't understand or some sort of mental problem on my part?

I'm not ruling out insanity. :-)

What if a teenage family member came to you and told you there were horrible noises being broadcast at their local hangout, but no one in your peer group had ever heard it or knew what they were talking about? Are they crazy or are you just too old to hear high frequencies? What if you were colorblind...would you be able to accept that there were colors you couldn't see? Does a rare illness not exist before the medical community gives it a name? If an atheist shits in the woods, if there is not christian there to smell it, did it really stink?

If I were colour blind I could get a person who made a 'colour sight claim' to identify the colour of 100 cards.  I could then take those cards to others who made the same claim and have them tell me what colours they saw.  The correlation of answers would be so statistically overwhelming that I would have to conclude that these colour-claimants could perceive something that I could not.

In the case of telepathy, however, the statistics are overwhelmingly conclusive that no such abilities exist.

I'm glad to hear that you would be open enough to the existence of something you could not sense to design an experiment to test its presence.  I'm not sure why you bring up about telepathy...

Just to compare with a phenomenon that does not exist.


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