and I'm pissed!!! I have atheist decals on my windows but I had one magnetic bumper sticker that said "what's popular isn't always right and what's right isn't always popular" and someone took it! I hate it when someone tries to limit my freedom of speech. I don't go around stealing their stuff. If they want to believe in fairytales and magic then go ahead but grow up and don't steal. Guess you can pray and be forgiven and everything will be better...ugh.

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I want this one:

Only it says "Gulpo" that's it.

Also, how would evolutionfish get eaten? He has feets! He probably has lungs, he can simply climb out of the pool of water rather than hide.

This is also why I don't put anything on my car. Similar rivalries around here include The University of Alabama(my school) vs. The University of Auburn,  my sister went to Auburn with a "roll tide" thing on her car, and by the time she left, there were 1.) lots of penis and boob drawings 2.) lots of cursewords and 3.) Lots of "war eagle, bama sucks ____" all over her car.

This is how worked up they get over FOOTBALL. I'm not gonna go poke the hornet's nest.

Mine too! It was a cool Darwinfish dinosaur plaque that a friend gave me. The sticker stuff is still on my car. I'm kidding myself that it was another atheist who thought it was good. Otherwise I'll be too angry.
I heard of a bumper sticker that read "honk if your religion makes you a bigot" or words very similar. Doubt if an Atheist stole it. They would just think "respect". The theist would more likely "remove" it because it might offend weak minded people.
Believe me,  it all evens out in the end.  Everytime I am in a parking lot and I see a fish symbol on an xtian's car,  I break it off.
Well, that's not right either.

I know, but what can I say?  I always piss on their parades.



Psh, they do the same shit to us all the time.

I've seen lots of defaced darwin stickers on campus--There's this adorable group here, "Charles Darwin Has a Posse", and I had a teacher give us students some of the stickers once, but all the theists do is go around drawing devil horns and goatees on all of them.



LOL!   Not like I would support this, but more power to you ... I bet the theists don't have any idea who took it either because they wouldn't think an Atheist did it!  


They probably think 'What a fucking asshole to take my fish symbol for himself.  Cheap prick.'  LOL

You found, to the letter, the exact reason I do this!  Another cheap xtian stole it.

I say ENOUGH.  We've all been forced to sit quietly and listen to their superstitious ramblings for way too long.  Besides;  Life is supposed to be tough for xtians, what with their need for constant, neurotic salvation from their sinful selves.


I just try to make their life just a little tougher.

It's just my way of saying, "hi, hun..."

Man that's jacked up! I won't be putting anything on my car until I'm fully out of the atheist closet. (which will be when my grandmother passes away, she is 91 and still kickin' hard ^_^).



That person "SHALL BURN IN HELL!!!" lol but I too wondered if it was another atheist that was broke

My next art project will be to make a set of high school pom-poms utilizing shredded Watchtower magazines.


They are very colorful.

Yea it's pretty shitty. Makes me want to go out and get a really offensive one and put a camera up and see who takes it this time, lol! My bf is a cop and drove around our apartment complex and the one across the street to see if someone stole it and put it on their car but no luck. I'm just glad they didn't try to rip off my other atheists decals on my windows. Guess those were too hard for them :-)


I want to put a note on my car that says "Thou shall not steal....hypocrite"




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