and I'm pissed!!! I have atheist decals on my windows but I had one magnetic bumper sticker that said "what's popular isn't always right and what's right isn't always popular" and someone took it! I hate it when someone tries to limit my freedom of speech. I don't go around stealing their stuff. If they want to believe in fairytales and magic then go ahead but grow up and don't steal. Guess you can pray and be forgiven and everything will be better...ugh.

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I feel your frustration.  My flyers keep getting taken off the store bulletin board where I live, despite the manager of the store herself giving me explicit permission and even making a copy for her husband.


I don't understand what it is with people.  If their faith is so unshakable, why must they mute/hide all attempts to suggest that not everyone thinks the same as them?

Maybe it was stolen by a broke atheist who just really liked it...


Shot in the dark.

HOLY CRAP.  I guess knowing that you would burn in hell wasn't enough so they had to do that too.  Disgusting.

They aren't trying to limit your freedom of speech.  They are just being dicks and stealing a bumper sticker from a car with Atheist decals.  


At least I know that if their God does exist - That person will go to Hell as well based off scripture.


Jesus explicitly states time and time again you need to give up your earthly possessions and live a life of financial poverty.  Apparently this is 'too difficult' for most Christians - When there are people all throughout the world that practice this exact philosophy - While not expecting anything in the afterlife.  


I'm also sure that the Christians can find some way to cry 'persecution' to justify the stealing of your sticker.   



I feel ya.
Somebody stole my Darwinfish bumper sticker.
I have a feeling it was one of the religious, since I live in a pretty fundie town.
You can never rely on people who dislike atheism to have integrity when the opportunity to be dishonest at our expense presents itself.
That is not even that confrontational! That really grinds my gears! I don't have anything on my car but I do plan to have very discrete stickers.
I had someone turn my darwinfish upside down once. Shows the level of ignorance we are up against. I always laugh at their truthfish eating darwinfish. They wouldn't know the truth if it bit them in the ass.
Sad but true.

I want this one:

Only it says "Gulpo" that's it.

Also, how would evolutionfish get eaten? He has feets! He probably has lungs, he can simply climb out of the pool of water rather than hide.

This is also why I don't put anything on my car. Similar rivalries around here include The University of Alabama(my school) vs. The University of Auburn,  my sister went to Auburn with a "roll tide" thing on her car, and by the time she left, there were 1.) lots of penis and boob drawings 2.) lots of cursewords and 3.) Lots of "war eagle, bama sucks ____" all over her car.

This is how worked up they get over FOOTBALL. I'm not gonna go poke the hornet's nest.

Mine too! It was a cool Darwinfish dinosaur plaque that a friend gave me. The sticker stuff is still on my car. I'm kidding myself that it was another atheist who thought it was good. Otherwise I'll be too angry.


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