No. Seriously.

I'm damn good in a debate. Quick on my feet, a great public speaker and able to make solid, comprehensive arguments.
I'm also pretty, and that helps a little.
I don't have a family. I love to travel. That would be quite convenient for zipping around the country to attend protests, court cases and such.
High stress and potentially violent situations don't bother me one bit. I've got lots of experience with them. My family owns a bail bonds that I grew up working in, I've been a professional bartender (that did most of my own bouncing) and as a deep sea diver, my life literally depends on being able to act in a calm, rational manner even if death is a distinct possibility.
I'm also a great conversationalist, so if it ever comes down to making a human chain or something, I can keep my arm-buddies amused for hours!
It is a cause I feel passionate about. Couple that fact with my other qualifications, and that's a winning team. I'm pretty healthy, so I won't need many sick days.
Really. Honestly. I would love to devote my life to being a professional atheist. I clean up well enough to put a nice face on our lack of belief. I've got a good working knowledge of politics, ecology, economy and well, people like me.
Even when they don't want to.
If I could scrape together a living by putting atheism in the spotlight, I would.
Anyone know how to go about that?

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LOL! I know, I know. But the idea was rolling around in my head and it seemed like a good place to throw it into the mix. It could be an exercise in restraint, or some sort or acting or role playing.
"How can such a pretty woman be an atheist???"-Wes Sherman

That could be the title of the book!
I think if I was going to try to support a movement... it would be something like humanism, instead of something like atheism.

I want someone to represent ,fight and argue the secular humanist rational natural side of things instead of the non-fairy, non-pixie, non-unicorn, non-supernatural focus.etc...

I want the main thrust of my supporting endeavor to be FOR something.... I want it to promote human values and rational and critical thought. I don't want the main thrust to be.. that there are no pixies.

It just so happens that many time these things coincide and you can promote the rational human natural side of things AND fight against the irrational, supernatural, theistic, etc at the same time..
hey, everybody knows about the "four horsemen"
i think we DO need at least a horsewoman or two!

i don't know much about how pro speakers really get started
but a book or something like that seems like a good possibility
you need some tag line you can use to give you that "Argument from Authority" sheen

I like Wes's ideal also that it would be good to see somebody arguing FOR a positive belief system rather than largely against other belief systems.

for example:
Tonight's debate features Misty, author of controversial best seller "Hot Humanist Hussy"

works better than:
Tonight's debate features Misty, an ex-bartender who likes scuba diving


I think I'm on to something here.

So I wanna hear from you guys.. the atheist community.
We've spent our entire lives reading the literature that's out there because it's out other reason.
What would you like to see covered? What would make you go out and buy a book on atheism?
Where is the gap in the market?
I have no clue. Seems we beat a lot of dead horses.
That's because the religious types keep trying to raise the dead.
Bwahahaha! That was pretty good, Dave.
Well, I would like to see a book on historical atheism, a review of people over the centuries who have been (or likely were) atheist and their accomplishments.

On a more here and now front, I think that we don't so much need a book about atheism as much as we could use a book on the upsides of not going around being in fear of a divine bully all of the time. A book celebrating the good parts of life that can be enjoyed when you don't have a supernatural hall monitor looking over your shoulder.
There's a little satirical list on the anti-christian bias in our society that might be an idea. We take so many things for granted that have a christian or religious bias in our society.. it would be nice to see that revealed and re-explored without the bias. Here's the list I was talking about


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