No. Seriously.

I'm damn good in a debate. Quick on my feet, a great public speaker and able to make solid, comprehensive arguments.
I'm also pretty, and that helps a little.
I don't have a family. I love to travel. That would be quite convenient for zipping around the country to attend protests, court cases and such.
High stress and potentially violent situations don't bother me one bit. I've got lots of experience with them. My family owns a bail bonds that I grew up working in, I've been a professional bartender (that did most of my own bouncing) and as a deep sea diver, my life literally depends on being able to act in a calm, rational manner even if death is a distinct possibility.
I'm also a great conversationalist, so if it ever comes down to making a human chain or something, I can keep my arm-buddies amused for hours!
It is a cause I feel passionate about. Couple that fact with my other qualifications, and that's a winning team. I'm pretty healthy, so I won't need many sick days.
Really. Honestly. I would love to devote my life to being a professional atheist. I clean up well enough to put a nice face on our lack of belief. I've got a good working knowledge of politics, ecology, economy and well, people like me.
Even when they don't want to.
If I could scrape together a living by putting atheism in the spotlight, I would.
Anyone know how to go about that?

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A professional atheist how great. We all want to make the world a better place to live in,so lets fight out cause out in the open.
Good luck in your campaign. Love to know how it goes
I've got everything but a yellow fever jab. Can't imagine Africa being anymore or less hostile than South East Asia. Sure. Why not?
Assassination? I'm thinking we probably couldn't get the funding for that.
I had more of an atheist-on-demand concept.
Court case you feel strongly about but you don't want to risk your own career perspectives by going to the courthouse to protest? Send me! I'll even tape it!
Civil disobedience but afraid of police brutality? I'm in!
A free-thinking convention you'd love to attend but you have family obligations? I'll go for you! As a writer, I can document everything, deliver your stickers, pamphlets, buttons, key-chains, whatever. Hell, I'll even invest in a little shoulder cam or something!
Considering all of the seemingly professional apologists out there, I don't see why we couldn't have a professional atheist going around the planet giving talks, having debates, etc.

Judging by the current crop of speakers, I'd say that having an atheist book published (and popular) is probably a good start.
Great Idea Dave... and then Misty can go around giving public lectures and make money at the same time. We went to see Michael Shermer's lecture.. 'Why Darwin Matters" and I bought the book and had him sign it while we were there. He does pretty good on the lecture circuit.

So Misty you just need to write and publish a popular atheist book. (Putting your picture on the cover won't hurt it any!!!!!) In fact that will sell a certain percentage of copies all by itself! How can such a pretty woman be an atheist???? People will buy the book to find out.
When you put your picture on the book, show a little cleavage. That'll move some paper.
You know.. I've honestly thought of that. My problem is, I haven't read a single atheist book that was at all enlightening. They were all exactly the same to me, and just regurgitated thoughts I had in about 10th grade.
I'm not sure what there is to say about atheism that hasn't already been said. Well.. at least not enough to fill a book, anyway.
....I... woah... think I might be on to something, actually. A combination of ideas that never had enough material on their own.. but compiled into something else......?
I say do it!
We have an idea!

Everything About Atheism That You Didn't Know To Ask.

Now run with it. :)
Sometimes it's not what is being said that is novel, but rather the way it is said.
Many of the books are further into atheism, and speak more to atheists. I think there is lacking material in the realm of "gateway atheism" or maybe "gateway skepticism." That type of book that a theist might actually read that explains atheism or skepticism in a less confrontational manner.
Have we not met?! their right mind... would nominate me to represent a "less confrontational manner"


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