Uh-oh! Now I've done it!

I'm not sure exactly what it is I've done, but it appears I've stepped in some serious do-do.

I think it must have been a comment I made to one of my fundamental friends on Facebook, who is always posting those cutsie little Bible verses.

I usually don't let it get to me, but she was really in top gear posting a whole bunch of real fire and brimstone stuff, railing off about 'sinners' and 'unbelievers', and she was getting a lot of 'Amen', 'God is great, 'Praise the Lord', and 'Thank you Jesus', comments, which seemed to be spurring her on.

Under normal circumstances, I'd have 'Unfriended' her a long time ago, but she's family, and, well, somehow, it just didn't seem right.

Anyway, all I did was quote a Bible verse, I think it was (Mat 7:1) 'Be not judges of others, and you will not be judged'. Now I'm getting bombarded with hate mail. It fills my message box, and it's even encroaching on my e-mail. How they got my e-mail address is anybody's guess.

I've been fulminated, railed, railed in, railed off, reviled, vilified and vituperated. I've been condemned and sentenced to rot in Hell, fry in Hell, burn in Hell, been invited to f**K off to Hell, and told to go back to Hell. (Well, at least, my coffee should stay warm). I've been threatened with stabbing, shooting, gutting, poisoning, death, disemboweling, dismemberment... and AIDS(?)

My crime? I'm guilty of persecuting Christians. News to me, but that's what I'm told.

Obviously, nobody's persecuting me, but, despite that, a lot of people are coming after me with knives drawn. Apparently, as a known spawn of Satan Atheist, I had no right to quote from the Bible. If I took this lot seriously, I'd be cowering under my bed right now.

Okay, so, who hates me so much?

Evidently, nobody hates me. Everyone loves me. Ostensibly,  this   comes straight from a cluster of peaceful, God-fearing, Loving, caring, Christians, who are only concerned about the welfare of my immortal soul, and they're just demonstrating their "Christian Love and Tolerance".

Strangely (even though they can't spell) most of them speak fluent profanity. Although the (repeated) use of the regular 4 letter words is the norm, some can get extremely creative with their expletives. Who could guess that such fine, upstanding, pillars of the community even knew such words, let alone used them... Bet their 'God' is really proud of them.

And you know what's so amazing? none of these poison-pen artists even know me. Some may be vaguely acquainted with me, but most I've never even heard of and are not on my friends list.

Go figure...

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You could remind them that the creators of the computer system they use, whether it is from Microsoft, Apple or Linux, were invented by Atheists. Just like Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook. What would Jesus do?

Tried that, doesn't work, Dude. They just say that God inspired them.

Guess God has to use dirty, rotten, Spawn of Satan, Atheists to do all the work because Christians are too busy cowering on their knees before him.

I would post their emails on their facebook page. The people in their life should know what kind of hatred lurks beneath the surface. Shame on them.

Thanks Belle, you made my day. As for your laughing, all I can say is, Mission accomplished :)

You always make me laugh too. Good times.

People hate being told they are wrong. I recently debunked a "ghost" video a friend placed on Facebook and was inundated with hateful messages.

There will always be those who respond violently to being challenged.

A marketplace of ideas will have wonderful treasures at times along with some plastic crap yet I wouldn't have it any other way.

You're so right, Joshua. Paradoxically, we actually need these extremists. The extremes help to define the middle.

But if we had less extreme extremists, we'd have a better middle...

Not necessarily, Dude, we'd just have a narrower middle. What we really need is a broader middle.  Again, paradoxically, I've always believed that all growth and progress starts at the fringes. If you want progress, like Star Trek, you've got to go where no man has gone before. There are no frontiers on a highway. What can I say?... 'Viva la Nuts!' at the very least, they add flavor to the stew, even though, on their own, they're sometimes bitter and hard to swallow.

Isn't it funny how they always seem to forget parts of their magic book... and when you point it out, they go nuts! Please do post some of these "gems" on TA... I have a strange perversion where I love reading other peoples hate mail.

As for your family member spouting their religious nonsense all over facebook... I recommend taking a leaf from the libertarian guide book: ALL relationships are voluntary.

As for the death threats... a persons facebook is easily found (considering they can just click on your picture) but your email is different... Assuming you are not publicly sharing your email address on facebook, the people emailing you are showing serious intent... they have searched and found additional private information about you. If you recieve emailed threats (of death or otherwise) take them VERY seriously. I wouldn't be overly concerned about the facebook threats although they should also considered serious.

Wow. What a sad but thorough overview of so much that is wrong with religion. I still cannot fathom how anyone could possibly make death threats and spew profanity and think they were doing it in the name of a loving god. Human beings are weird critters.

Firstly, I would say that you are certainly NOT dealing with "a cluster of peaceful, God-fearing, Loving, caring, Christians, who are only concerned about the welfare of my immortal soul". Rather, you are dealing with a group of self-righteous lemmings who have been taught that it is good to impose their beliefs on others.

Why do they attack you like this? I thing there are basically two reasons: 1. Even they can see that the emperor has no clothes and by reminding them of this you attacking one of the basic aspects of themselves that they use to define who they are, and 2. because they don't know you or see you as a person. You are an online avatar that represents the devil to them, so they can attack freely.

I have found that when religious folk can see you as a non-believing person, who basically wants the same things for the world that they do (i.e. peace, harmony), the hatred goes away. As an experiment, I would want to follow up the hate mail with a discussion of why they felt the need to take the time to write out all those vile words, and what they really meant by them. It could start some interesting discussions and lead to some thinking.


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