Time for another round of Facebook defriendings. It seems that every few months I kick up some kind of controversy, and end up with a couple people removing me from their friends.

So far I don't think I've lost anyone that I consider a close friend. Mainly its been friends and classmates from high school and college that I had 'reconnected' with on Facebook.

Typically the defriending occurs after some discussion on religion, or on their god, or my atheism. A few have been over a single bold status update on my part; but never before have I had a defriending over so little.

Posted by one of my high school classmates, and minutes after I had replied to her status posting, she was no longer on my friends list. I never had any other religiously related conversations with her before. Some people are just too sensitive...

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Haha! That is a great illustration of how fragile some beleifs really are. Nice comment, too! Subtle and subversive.
She may well have had to Google it.
I'd bet she did have to look it up. Hell, I wasn't even aware of it until a couple of years ago. Not to say I am super knowledgable or anything. ;-)
I put an atheist quote on Facebook (I have since closed my account) and my DAD chastised me and then un-friended me. If that's christian love...count me out.
Ouch. Tough love.
That's awesome, a parent unfriending! I can honestly say that I have a dozen plus young earth friends and I don't feel the need to unfriend them. I have nothing against someone putting their head up their butt as along as we can share a smile now and then.
What's funny about that is you are outwardly Atheist too. Did she expect a different opinion from you?
Yep, no hiding, and plenty of pro-atheist or anti-religious posts from me.

Its funny how somehow every few months someone notices and seems to think its something new though.

I do the same thing - Some people have questioned my sanity - Accused me of hate speech - Accused me of always trying to offend , etc ... 


Just links to certain websites - Mr. Deity ...


The best part is when I throw up an actual quote from the Bible with the Book / Verse .... something about I don't know ... Women should keep quiet in the church ... or Jesus talking about what you can or can't do to a slave.  


Then they call me a racist - or a sexist pig - without apparently reading the top part - which states something like "Bible is NOT a moral guide to living" 



Aww, and you could've done so much more than that! I like to point out that pledging your allegiance to a representative image of America is breaking the commandment about "graven images." The Pledge of Allegiance is a SIN! LOL!
I need to buy this for all my conservative friends. A few of the liberal ones, too. Hell, may pick one up for myself. Thanks, Doone!
What I LOVE about your comment is that it tongue-ties conservatives. You are going BACK to an OLDER standard.. ONe that was good enough for their parents! Why isn't it good enough for our kids?

They just can't say shit!


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