Time for another round of Facebook defriendings. It seems that every few months I kick up some kind of controversy, and end up with a couple people removing me from their friends.

So far I don't think I've lost anyone that I consider a close friend. Mainly its been friends and classmates from high school and college that I had 'reconnected' with on Facebook.

Typically the defriending occurs after some discussion on religion, or on their god, or my atheism. A few have been over a single bold status update on my part; but never before have I had a defriending over so little.

Posted by one of my high school classmates, and minutes after I had replied to her status posting, she was no longer on my friends list. I never had any other religiously related conversations with her before. Some people are just too sensitive...

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I think MOST people are too sensitive...every little thing is a violation of there beliefs

LOL.  That bitch googled it.  


I had the same thing happen to me.  Some girl I didn't know very well - just a friend of a friend - posted something about the History Channels Ancient Astronaut Theorists.  


I laid out a very short - and polite reason as to why that show is predicated on inconsistencies and conspiracy theories.  


She replied back "Some people think they know Everything ..." 


So I replied back something like "Some people just question the validity of their beliefs - it has nothing to do with knowledge."  


Within minutes , she de friended me (After posting another comment I'm sure was meant to be derogatory but I couldn't read it)  


I laughed.  It's all you can do, really ... some people are just babies and wish to keep their babyish beliefs.  

Status: People are obsessed with it.

And they fail to realize that you can discourse on intelligent matters without losing it, and instead are more obsessed with "winning the argument" and "being right" than with the actual facts of the situation.


That said, I will blockzors people who are asses. I have no time for such people.



Something similar to the main post happened to me, actually--it was hilarious, she had just copy-pasted something she found online, and it started an orthodox jew and me into an evolution throwdown--DING DING DING.

It ended when I was just plain tired of dealing with him, he was constantly on about "I'm respecting your beliefs, but you're an idiot and my god is the only god. and you're being a selfish bitch blah blah blah gay people don't deserve any rights" I honestly don't remember a lot of it---It tends to all sound the same after a while, to me.

but she de-friended me later.  I'm not surprised. Maybe you shouldn't mindlessly copy-paste things into your status--Yes/Yes?

Facebook does nothing but annoy me these days.   I say anything that is my opinion and I get shit from people, but they can post their shitty bible verses and clutter my facebook with all their godly crap.    I'm sick of it.    A few of my relatives don't even talk to me at all now and it all started with that same exact quote that my cousin posted about the pledge.   I had a difference of opinion that apparently started a war.    They can all shove it up my ass, if so little can come between us.   And what really kills me is my relatives are nothing but a bunch of low lifes, they are only "holy" when it comes to talk.    The biggest idiot is my cousin who has a police record.   But he's god the god thing going on.    sigh...

Here's a little pro tip: If you HATE seeing their god updates every morning? A little "x" will appear when you mouseover the upper right corner of the post--click it, and it'll have something like "report this as spam" "hide all of so-and-so's posts" CLICK THAT.

And you will no longer be troubled by people.

Of course, they could do this as well with things they don't like.

But I also put anyone remotely preacher-like on my limited profile. No status updates, no recent interests, they can message me(strangers can't), but they don't get any juicy information.

Yes, it takes a while to fix that way but it's SO WORTH IT. I hardly ever get any issues.


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