Time for another round of Facebook defriendings. It seems that every few months I kick up some kind of controversy, and end up with a couple people removing me from their friends.

So far I don't think I've lost anyone that I consider a close friend. Mainly its been friends and classmates from high school and college that I had 'reconnected' with on Facebook.

Typically the defriending occurs after some discussion on religion, or on their god, or my atheism. A few have been over a single bold status update on my part; but never before have I had a defriending over so little.

Posted by one of my high school classmates, and minutes after I had replied to her status posting, she was no longer on my friends list. I never had any other religiously related conversations with her before. Some people are just too sensitive...

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Wow. I think that's a new low (or high?) of religious oversensitivity on Facebook. Seriously, I have never seen such whining from adults as I do the minute that religion is mentioned. And she is the one who mentioned it! I think that is the worst part: religious people broach the subject and yet it is the atheist who is the malicious aggressor if we dare retort, although I would hardly call your response a "retort." I really can't believe someone defriended you over that.
It's not so much the belief in a deity that bugs me here. It's the anger towards people who don't have the same belief system that's rather disturbing. She's got this patriotic fury against a man exercising his American freedom. The irony is great.

Really, that's an "unfriending" I'd just let go.

I prefer the 1954 version, as well.
I agree completely! I have posted Atheistic statuses on Facebook all the time; although my 'friends' on facebook don't usually go so laughably far as to defriend me, but as a result of posting atheistic statuses from people like Albert Einstein, Frederich Nietzsche, and Oscar Wilde, I have received SO MUCH HATEMAIL denigrating my beliefs and vilifying me for 'being so selfish'. HUH???? selfish???? WHAT? That doesn't even make any sense. In fact, BY BELIEVING IN GOD people are selfish; they're not such 'ardent believers in Christ' because it will help humanity; Christians themselves admit that they are risking THEIR OWN SALVATION, NOBODY ELSES, by not adhering to the Bible. Come on, let's be smart and use our heads for once.... right??? LOL
pretty much the same thing happened to me while talking about religion with my christian ex girlfriend. she claimed to be open minded but was anything but.
I definitely agree. Jesus. (No pun intended?)
Someone made a historically and theologically inaccurate statement about Islam today and I politely pointed out that was incorrect and provided some basic evidence to back up my assertion. Nothing big.
2 minutes later... de-friended.
I asked why and she said "You disagree with me so i don't want to hear it."
Very sad.
Sounds like you are better off?
Agreed. Anyone who actually prefers to be ignorant is not anyone I'd want to spend time with.






I'm jealous.
I haven't been able to piss anyone off that much on FB.

Maybe my latest status will rile somebody:
‎"...if you ask me whether or not I'm an atheist, I wouldn't even answer. I would first want an explanation of what it is that I'm supposed not to believe in, and I've never seen an explanation." -Chomsky

LoL ... I can only imagine this will fly over the heads of so many theists.  


I'm actually posting this one on my status ... good quote.  


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