Or, if you've heard of it, you'e among the anointed few. I'm inviting others to introduce the rest to music the world passed by, by artists the world may have forgot. Artists who did something astounding but which went unnoticed. 

My first contribution is by an artist of the 1970's who produced, accompanied by only a drummer named Frosty, one of the great live performances of all time. Reputedly recorded in a studio before a very small audience, it's obviously miced (microphoned) like a live act might be, so we get the sound of a live performance minus the rude audience chatter and clinking of glasses.

Enjoy Lee Michaels blowing the roof off the house with one of the great voice+Hammond organ+drums perfomances of all time. 

What have YOU got?

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This is one of my favorite songs ever and you probably have never heard of these guys.

Postcard from 1952 from the album Take Care, Take Care, Take Care by Explosion in the Sky



That was quite good.

Okay. Some of us who were around in the '60's will have fond memories of Fairport Convention. This tune is my favorite. Based on a Celtic legend, it has fabulous lyrics. Be sure to listen to them. Sung by the immortal Sandy Denny (who died from complications of a fall down stairs at the age of 31), I hope you find it as engaging as I do.


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