I work with some educated people. One of them who was about to get a doctorate degree and was a proclaimed atheist loved to celebrate Christmas. That rubbed against my stand where I always just back away from Christmas. I have always hated what it has become. People wanting money or gift certificates and it is becoming a very mixed up holiday of no Christ just buy stuff or give them money. Is it even Christian anymore?

Anyway I was reading Jared Diamond's The World Until Yesterday. His first chapter was about trade and gift giving and how in ancient times a tribe member (he speaks about many tribes from around the globe) may trade spouses, goats, hand crafts and natural resources. It was a form of communication between peoples and kept them civil. The exchange of gifts was a very important part of their culture. If they didn't like the gift exchange then sometimes a war would be waged. Sometimes a gift would be given and then up to a year later a gift of like value would be expected.

I guess mankind has used gift giving as a way of keeping order in societies. I suppose when you look at it like that, Christmas is not so annoying. It is an awkward time of year for me. I always feel like the gift I give isn't good enough so I avoid it.  I am embarrassed when I see other people complaining about gifts they got (form people other than me).  What a creepy holiday. It is hard not to be judgmental.

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Christmas has become a secular holiday. BTW, supposedly Thanksgiving is to thank God for the harvest. 

July 4th is to save God for firecrackers.

Three young boys. comparing their Christmas morning routines:

Boy 1: "We get up in the middle of the night and go to church , then we home home and take a nap. Big Sis and me wake up early and we get all out gifts together and try to guess what we got,then after mom and dad get up, we eat breakfast and open the gifts and I play with my new toys, take my new toys to my friends; houses  and we all have fun with our new toys."

Boy 2: "We're Methodist, so while Momma and Daddy sleep late, I find all my presents under the tree and try to guess what they are.When Momma and Daddy get up, we eat a little breakfast and open our presents and I get my toys and play with my toys. A little bit later Aunt Mabel brings Grampa and they both have more presents and I get moire toys, After lunch, Aunt Mabel helps Momma with the cooking. Grampa and Daddy talk about old stuff and I take my new toys to my friends in the neighborhood and we all have fun with our new toys."

Boy 3: "My folks are Jewish and we don't celebrate Christmas, but since all the businesses are closed, we sleep in late.  After brunch, we ride in the Limo to our toy store and look at the all the empty shelves."

thank you for that. I may have to keep that for next year.


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