Two men mowed down a man meters away from a barracks in the town of Woolwich, They then proceeded to jump out of the car and stab and hack the man with machetes and knives.

A fairly shocking event even in this day and age but it has now been shown that the victim was possibly a UK soldier and his attackers shouted Allahu Akbar as they murdered him.

Police arrived and had to shoot the two attackers (non-fatally) and if you check twitter for #woolwich edl and #islam you'll see the tempers rising.

No clear facts yet but but the EDL (English Defence League) say they are marching on Woolwich as ENOUGH is ENOUGH! The EDL are a quasi-political group of racists for the USA readers.

BBC and ITV (our main terrestrial channels) have shown footage of the killers preaching to a camera.

So probably riots later but for now I need to stop as I'm disgusted beyond words. Twitter really shows the moronic minded at their worst.

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You're absolutely right about that.

If he's British born he's not Nigerian or if I'm wrong, how does that work?

Born in the London borough of Lambeth

That is a good question. In America he would be "Nigerian American". Maybe in UK he is referred to as "British Nigerian"? 

No in the UK he's simply British...from Nigerian parents. In football (or Soccer) he could play for England or Nigeria.

Most of the time in the nicer parts of the UK that's all that matters, is he good at sports? Cool he can play for us.

It seems he would have led a fairly uneventful life if he hadn't met certain people, who one must suspect saw him as a useful tool, radicalised him and sat back and watched.

The videos of Islamic leaders calling for more 'lone wolf' attacks are chilling.


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