Two men mowed down a man meters away from a barracks in the town of Woolwich, They then proceeded to jump out of the car and stab and hack the man with machetes and knives.

A fairly shocking event even in this day and age but it has now been shown that the victim was possibly a UK soldier and his attackers shouted Allahu Akbar as they murdered him.

Police arrived and had to shoot the two attackers (non-fatally) and if you check twitter for #woolwich edl and #islam you'll see the tempers rising.

No clear facts yet but but the EDL (English Defence League) say they are marching on Woolwich as ENOUGH is ENOUGH! The EDL are a quasi-political group of racists for the USA readers.

BBC and ITV (our main terrestrial channels) have shown footage of the killers preaching to a camera.

So probably riots later but for now I need to stop as I'm disgusted beyond words. Twitter really shows the moronic minded at their worst.

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"Muslims, while technically being citizens are, in their minds, really citizens of elsewhere. Perhaps they should be offered free plane tickets to whatever country they really feel is their home."

Yep - The time is now.


Instead of that last option we let roam free known Jihadi crimpers who brainwash kids 15, 16 yrs old, school dropouts and losers mostly, with retarded jihadi shit to urge them to go "fight" in Syria.

The whole fucking network they can print in the newspapers with photo's, dates, addresses and who is connected to who, when and how. Police and Intel Agencies even have the cooperation of the Muslim parents of these kids, desperate as they are understandably. But somehow the subhuman scum can't be arrested, probably something to do with international politics vis a vis Syria, betting on the wrong side, Assad on the winning hand and all.

How about the old scarlet letter treatment: tatoo on their foreheads: I want to kill Brits and then just put them out on the sidewalk. They would get to wear their politics "on their (figurative) sleeve" as it were.


"tatoo on their foreheads:"

Not a bad idea

 but a white hot branding iron creates a more satisfying image for me.

Perhaps they should be offered free plane tickets to whatever country they really feel is their home.

How do you go about distinguishing between who actually feels their immigrant nation is their home and who actually doesn't?

That is a very hard thing to accomplish and in doing so could be paint broad brush against anyone who may or may not fit the bill. 

I totally agree, we can all be citizens of where we think our heart lyes, but it comes down to where we actually are, these guys, no doubt, over their 26 years of life had to use the NHS for free when needed health care, perhaps fire service, or who knows, the police service when they or their family needed help. They used and enjoyed the benefits of what this country has to offer. One of these men was a devout Christian , he got pissed of with it, Islam offered a practical solution to him, take that to the extreme, with indocturnation, blind faith and lack of intelligence and you end up with brutal idiology. I think this country, or certainly parts of it, are becoming so segregated, that its going to take at least our generation (say another 20 years) to come to terms with the fact that we are a multicultural society. And a society that will not gell as we desire, as long as god is around. End of rant.....

Yet despite their delusions, there was a shred of sense:

You think politicians are going to die? No it's going to be the average guy, like you, and your children. So get rid of them.


"You think politicians are going to die? No it's going to be the average guy, like you, and your children. So get rid of them."

Thats right - its the person on the street they will go for. That guy in the footage said something like: 

"bring your women here to look at the body because our women have to look at this sort of thing all the time."

His women - where?

This guy has an English accent, probably born in England but and he talks like he lives somewhere else.


Apparently he is a British born Nigerian Convert from Christianity 


I wonder how he became so radicalized.


It is propaganda, paid for with Saudi money mostly. They pump their heads full with shit and then they fill each other up with shit in closed sessions over social media and living room gatherings. Also they prey on social outcasts, school drop outs and losers and rejects in general. They make them feel important and give them a goal in life. They're sort of like superheroes in their fantasy world.

and who is cuddling up in bed with the Saudi Business partners who are funding these things?

The British politicians themselves. 

Its a never ending cycle of greed and hatred


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