Two men mowed down a man meters away from a barracks in the town of Woolwich, They then proceeded to jump out of the car and stab and hack the man with machetes and knives.

A fairly shocking event even in this day and age but it has now been shown that the victim was possibly a UK soldier and his attackers shouted Allahu Akbar as they murdered him.

Police arrived and had to shoot the two attackers (non-fatally) and if you check twitter for #woolwich edl and #islam you'll see the tempers rising.

No clear facts yet but but the EDL (English Defence League) say they are marching on Woolwich as ENOUGH is ENOUGH! The EDL are a quasi-political group of racists for the USA readers.

BBC and ITV (our main terrestrial channels) have shown footage of the killers preaching to a camera.

So probably riots later but for now I need to stop as I'm disgusted beyond words. Twitter really shows the moronic minded at their worst.

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The EDL actually calls themselves a human rights organization. That's really an oxymoron

Apparently one of the perpetrators is a British born revert. Sickening that they these losers would do something like that. Well now comes the blacklash and hatred for brown people

Absolutely Adam, the example you show Stuart McDougall (I'm ashamed to say a fellow Scotsman) will surely be spoken to by the police for those posts and hopefully punished for inciting hate crimes.

ha ha I'm kidding myself he'll probably slip through the net as Twitter is swamped by similar if not worse tweets.

That's how racists and bigots always operate. Using any type of incident and creating a knee jerk reaction to it and using the emotions of the masses to rally their support and popularity. 

One thing, let's not use the word "revert" to refer to converts. They use that term because they're implying that being a Muslim is the default state when you're born, and when you (re)accept Islam, what you've really done is go back to your original state. Aka bullshit.

You are absolutely correct. I dislike that propaganda from Muslims as well. I think I copied that from a news article and didn't realize it


This is bad, really really bad.

It was filmed by someone on their camera phone. Can you believe it?

Before the age of media, if you saw someone holding a bloodied machete shouting 'God Is Great with a headless victim behind him, you run the fuck away very fast. Now, people stop and film it. This is insane.

I heard someone say that this means war. I hope not. Could be though.

Some very. scary. stuff. happening right now.

This is not exactly known to be the most trustworthy source, but it does seem some devout followers of the EDL and these God-fearing Muslims have something in common: they both want to start something of a civil war. And it seems there is something else that can be done instead of either running away or taking pictures for your facebook account:

But nevertheless it's probably going to be a boon for the EDL and their many sister parties in all of Europe. One more case to shut up their critics.

I think that the UK government can do little to prevent such incidents due to legal limitations, so that leaves the "good Muslims" to deal with those among them who are potential terrorists. Unfortunately, there are bad imams who instigate and support terror attacks.

I heard that when it became clear that the explosions at the Boston Marathon were definitely not accidents and were most likely a terror attack, peaceful Muslims said to themselves, "Allah, don't let it those who did this be Muslims." I imagine the feeling is much the same among many UK Muslims.

One of the mosque in Essex was attacked with a grenade.

While this is all happening, Swedish youth decided to go start riots in Stockholm burning down cars and stores. By youths it means they are mostly Muslim immigrants. Also I read today that under Muslim Brotherhood now, blasphemy cases have purged, so imagine how it feels for the Coptic christians and Atheists to now live there.

Though I may sound ignorant, but I really have to say this: In a way these Muslims do deserve what they get from the likes of EDL and racist westerners. They have never as a society learned to adapt in the world and become secularized in their own countries. They let their precious Islam rule over them and blind them to the fact that they let extremists take over their government and pass laws to send them back towards the 5th century. Even when they decide to overthrow these islamofascist they revert back to their old ways because they can't ever  go against their precious Islam and its grip on their mind. So instead of letting logic, rationality, secularism and progressivism lift their society up and make it better, they let Islamic rules and laws make their country into a shit hole. So now including myself and my fellow Ex Muslim Atheists and including Muslims themselves have to move to western nations for search of a better life. In the end Muslims have themselves to blame for many of the chaos that is going on in the world regarding Islam, meanwhile the rest of us are caught in the middle of it.

I have a feeling this is the start of a domino effect as the shit will truly hit the fan. I hope I am wrong.

I think some expertise should be devoted to how in Islam the normal revulsion carrying out an atrocity is stripped from the personality of some of their men. One of the killers was interviewed by a civilian with some sort of video camera (smartphone?) and he was calm and virtually bragging about his deed. Also, the UK needs to face up to the fact that apparently a lot of Muslims, while technically being citizens are, in their minds, really citizens of elsewhere. Perhaps they should be offered free plane tickets to whatever country they really feel is their home.


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