Lots of ex-Christians seem to miss the social aspects of their old churches.

Others might recognise that socialising with people with common interests can work well.

Others again really don't want to spend too much time with other atheists - it can seem cliquey, and what is there in common other than a disbelief in the unproven?

I fit into the first two categories but I live in a place where I know of no other "out there" atheists - so if I want to have a beer with one, I have to fly to London to join the Skeptics in the Pub (great organisation).  I'd like to meet up more with atheists and free thinkers - but it's proving difficult to find any!

Do you make an effort to spend time with other atheists and free thinkers, and if so, where and how?  And if you do, does it work?  ie do you enjoy it?


Cheers, Jimmy

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I've looked into it, but there don't seem to be many meeting places in St Louis. None within a reasonable driving distance to me, at least (just can't afford the gas it would cost). And even then, the groups only seem to be three or four people.

So that's one reason I stop by here.

I do not especially seek out fellow atheists or free thinkers. I think most people do socialise with people with common interests, but that can be many things, line of work, an interest in dogs, cats, gardening, litterature... there is an endless list. On the other hand it is rather obvious that you do not hang out with people with whom you have nothing in common besides being of the same species (which in some cases may even be doubtfull).  

As for free thinkers - atheists specifcally, well, I am not an ex-christian, I have always been an atheist, and being a follower of Darwin, I think over the years kind of natural selection happened. 90% of the people I socialise with, of my own free will, are like minded.

As for your question where to find them, think this forum is as good a place to start as any.




Thanks Danielle: I'd be delighted if a few others from Jersey were on here too, but...nothing yet... It is interesting to see that forum is quite international though.


All the best,



Did you check out the members map ? Are you on it ? If not maybe you should put yourself on it, it might encourage others in your area to do the same, so you can find each other.


Kind Regards


OK Danielle - thank you: I didn't know it existed.  I'll go and find it now and will certainly post myself on there.
Ok - that's quite funny: there's no one within quite some distance of me!  Well - may this will change it.  Thanks
Must admit, you do seem rather lonely there in the middle of the ocean <s>

Danielle - it's true: there appear to be no other members anywhere vaguely close.  After the UK, you aren't far there in Belgium.  

There are some compensations to living here!  Great beaches; great weather; lots of outdoor sports: but we seem to have very few free thinkers...

Why not try starting your own local version of "Skeptics in the Pub"?
Doug - would love to.  But I need at least one other member!  And I live on an island with 90,000 population - so there ought to be some.  But I've not met any yet... Would be great.  We've got some excellent pubs too, of course.

I've always been an Atheist(not consciously until recently though) so I don't know what the church scene is like really. I find it's best to just socialise with people you like socialising with....doesn't matter what religion they are to me, as long as we get along and they don't try to convert me (other than in jest). One of my friends in primary school was raised Mormon and it didn't make the slightest difference between us.


As far as finding other like-minded people on your island, you might try being openly atheist. Not only will this make you stand out in a crowd of sheeple, it will encourage others to do the same... If it will get you lynched then maybe it's not a good idea though...

Hi Matt,

Well - I'm not reticent about my rejection of faith.  I think most friends find it all a bit tiring: it's a very typical British attitude to religion - they just don't care.  While that's good because it shows that religion is not such a big deal (much less so than in the US, for eg), it does allow a little bit of freakery to creep in to public life where it just shouldn't be.

Anyway: I'll keep being a loud atheist and hopefully a few more will raise their heads.


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