Don't tell me you never had this question asked to you, subsequently to your, usually politely, explaining to whoever asks about your religion, that you're an atheist and do not believe in any god; you're an atheist and do not believe that a god exists; or whatever combination of words you choose.

That's pretty much how it goes.

Even people who know that atheists do not believe in a god will sometimes still assume they share a common set of beliefs or principles, and have common political tendencies.

"So, what do atheists believe?", is their question.

If you ask me, I've had a wide variety of comebacks, depending on my mood at the moment, most of them facetious, but most likely, after explaining that atheists (as a group) do not have a common set of beliefs, I say that *I* believe in love, in humanity and our good faith... just to keep it simple... because, quite frankly, we don't "believe" in science - we find it verifiable. We don't "believe" in the universe and its wonders, we have seen them through amazing telescopes. I guess you get my point.

So what do you, fellow atheist, believe in, or what do you think is the best answer to this question?


Side note: This discussion is focused rather on the best comeback to the question in it, which in this specific context, is always asked as "opposed to your non-belief in god, what do atheists believe?"

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Hello everyone! 

Dear Angelo: we all appreciate your insight if you really do have one. However, calling other people's assertions "boring" is not really insightful.

Having said that, I'm gonna paraphrase one of my tweets: I don't have to prove god doesn't exist. However, show me how you would prove Zeus and Ra don't exist, and I'll use your method.

People who truly find an assertion boring should simply not respond at all. Otherwise, they are trolling. If a person has a reasonable assertion to make, they should make it. If not, there are always other posts to respond to.

hello Monica

its neither, that i am called infantile, and that i am trolling. But that does not disturb you, isnt it ?

How about to answer the question you made : What do YOU believe in ? Do you have evidence, strong atheism is true ? Some  answer on hand, how our universe , and life, could have arised and evolved without a intelligent creator ?


Asking "what you believe in" has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with whether atheism or anything else is true. The origins of the universe is at most a tiny part of it. That so isn't what the question was about.

Well, thats actually what its all about. You tell me , what you believe, in regard of the relevant questions of our existence, as a more valuable alternative to a creator God, and i will examine it, and see if there is something substantial about it.......hard to answer that question ???

A creator God really is a ridiculous explanation for all of reality. "the universe was created by some really big and important guy"...this doesn't sound silly to you? To me, it's far easier to believe that the reality we know is simply a particular reality in a larger reality whose existence is probably beyond our ability to understand. Science is starting to show that are perceptions of time and space are far from the truth.


And if God were going to reveal himself, why would He do so through some obscure tribe in the Middle East and not in a more general fashion?


The way one frames the question frames the answer to a great extent. When one asks "who or what created the universe" you are already limiting answers to just those explanations which involve a creator. It's kind of like the famed "have you stopped beating your wife? question, where the only way to answer it yes or no involves admitting to beating one's wife.


"How did the universe come about?" doesn't imply a creator, but instead a process.

No, the question wasn't about existence or gods

It was about general things atheists believe. That can include ethics, morals, politics, philosophy, human rights, etc.

I forgot. I stand corrected. The discussion's been going on for a while and I guess I lost track somewhere along the way.

I believe in rationality. Specifically, important words need definitions. Otherwise public discussion reduces to expressions of bias and emotionality.

I also believe it isn't rational to dismiss written history. I don't doubt the Old Testament. I just don't find it to be relevant to me. Furthermore, there isn't any rule book out there. We all have to figure out what life means for ourself.

 We all have to figure out what life means for ourself.


It might have a meaning for you, but without God, it has no objective meaning. 

Advocating Christianity is off topic...Stay on topic troll!

How can objective meaning come from a myth? I would think that is almost the paradigm of unobjective "meaning."


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