Don't tell me you never had this question asked to you, subsequently to your, usually politely, explaining to whoever asks about your religion, that you're an atheist and do not believe in any god; you're an atheist and do not believe that a god exists; or whatever combination of words you choose.

That's pretty much how it goes.

Even people who know that atheists do not believe in a god will sometimes still assume they share a common set of beliefs or principles, and have common political tendencies.

"So, what do atheists believe?", is their question.

If you ask me, I've had a wide variety of comebacks, depending on my mood at the moment, most of them facetious, but most likely, after explaining that atheists (as a group) do not have a common set of beliefs, I say that *I* believe in love, in humanity and our good faith... just to keep it simple... because, quite frankly, we don't "believe" in science - we find it verifiable. We don't "believe" in the universe and its wonders, we have seen them through amazing telescopes. I guess you get my point.

So what do you, fellow atheist, believe in, or what do you think is the best answer to this question?


Side note: This discussion is focused rather on the best comeback to the question in it, which in this specific context, is always asked as "opposed to your non-belief in god, what do atheists believe?"

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Actually the Bible tells you that raping and murdering are good things.


where does 


 The Bible revels in every cruelty imaginable and nothing of it is ever condemned. On the contrary. God commands it. it say that ? 


the bible is very clear of Gods will. It can be learnd trough the ten commandments, and trough the teachings of Christ. 


Again. If you study the bible, you will learn, that some events described in the old testament, are related to very specific issues, and specific reasons . You cannot generalize ......

if you read the old testament, which is still a part of the 'revealed holy unalterable immutable inerrant' word of god, you will find many places where god condones rape and murder. the fact that you have not read the bible is not our problem! but you can start with the story of Lot and how he was willing to sacrifice his daughter's virginity to the mob who wanted to have sex with the angels who paid him a visit. god had no problem calling him 'righteous', yet in the next story, we find him and his daughters, in a cave, they get him drunk and have sex with him and both get pregnant! and god considers this better than lot's wife who, looking back at the destruction of her hometown, deserved to be turned into a pillar of salt. that is the moral depth of your god! please, don't come on here and claim ignorance of what your bible actually teaches, it is not our fault you believe something that your bible can not support in anyway!


"Again. If you study the bible, you will learn, that some events described in the old testament, are related to very specific issues, and specific reasons . You cannot generalize .....'


actually, it is christians who use theological expositions to try to explain away the cruelty of the god of the bible. we do not generalize, we show you what your bible actually says. it either means what it says or is a useless piece of fiction. if it does mean what it says, your god is a useless piece of fiction! either way, you are the one who is making claims you can not back up and using theology won't help your case as it is man-made explanations of a god who at best has no claim of superiority over any person that has ever lived.



Well, gee, I feel sorry for you. You mean you totally lack empathy and you can't argue from analogy that others feel feelings like you do? If so, I regard you as possibly a sociopath, for that is basically what a sociopath is. But as with any (whatever)path, the "path" part means it's not normal. Pathological.


Actually, a belief in God ALLOWS people to do dreadful things under the veil of religion. The inquisition, the various tests for witches, withholding medical care from children. That is part of the legacy of Christianity, or are those the work of The Devil?

Science is far of able to give answers to the most deep and profound questions we have......

But it is still doing a far far better job than religion, which gives us no answers, just placebos.

i usually say, "i believe in you," and pat them reassuringly on the shoulder before walking away.


i'm hoping to score some morgan freeman points.

Whoa....that's pretty deep, man. I imagine you've blown some minds with that. I might have to steal that from you. 

I ALWAYS begin this conversation by stating that I do not use the word "believe" in the implied context. After an exhaustive, yet on-going period of objective observation and consultation with authorities on both sides of the issue, I have found absolutely no evidence to support the assertion that a god exists. I have found even less evidence to support that, if there were a god that is responsible for the few inexplicible anomalies one occasionally encounters, there is NO evidence that it is the Judeo-Christian god as opposed to any other. And the odds are stacked enormously in the favor to the contrary.

, I have found absolutely no evidence to support the assertion that a god exists.


I can give you tons of evidence for God's existence, as described in the bible. But that is not the issue of this topic. So far, other  participants at this topic failed......


Please provide solid evidence, strong atheism is true. 

I can see tons of evidence for the value of as-seen-on-TV products in their infomercials. That does not mean that if I buy them they will be anything more than crap.


Angelo, I take your challenge.

Where is this evidence? Present, Troll! Oh, it's off convenient. 

I consider myself some what of an Anti-Theist. I believe that the simple idea of a omnipotent/omniscient god is a terrible lie. Particularly when it's used by corrupt people to control the weak minded as it has been for thousands of years.

Religion is the single most corrupt tool ever implemented in our world, and is single handedly destroying our freedoms and liberties as a free society. Without it, we would be the beautiful place our forefathers envisioned when they began building this republic. That being said, I suppose you could consider me a Constitutionalist. 

I believe in scientific fact, supported by countless hours of research and evidence found through it, over fiction and fairytale. 


Its funny. Nobody here able to answer my question ? Its boring to see atheists critizising faith in God. 


Again : The topic here, what is YOU, atheist, believe in. 


Please provide solide evidence, strong atheism is true..... seems a difficult question  ??


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