Don't tell me you never had this question asked to you, subsequently to your, usually politely, explaining to whoever asks about your religion, that you're an atheist and do not believe in any god; you're an atheist and do not believe that a god exists; or whatever combination of words you choose.

That's pretty much how it goes.

Even people who know that atheists do not believe in a god will sometimes still assume they share a common set of beliefs or principles, and have common political tendencies.

"So, what do atheists believe?", is their question.

If you ask me, I've had a wide variety of comebacks, depending on my mood at the moment, most of them facetious, but most likely, after explaining that atheists (as a group) do not have a common set of beliefs, I say that *I* believe in love, in humanity and our good faith... just to keep it simple... because, quite frankly, we don't "believe" in science - we find it verifiable. We don't "believe" in the universe and its wonders, we have seen them through amazing telescopes. I guess you get my point.

So what do you, fellow atheist, believe in, or what do you think is the best answer to this question?


Side note: This discussion is focused rather on the best comeback to the question in it, which in this specific context, is always asked as "opposed to your non-belief in god, what do atheists believe?"

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The origins of the universe are only tangentially related to either religion or atheism. Even if we knew that some creator being existed, no one could possibly prove theism or any of the gods postulated by any religion that ever existed.

There are plenty of other ways to show that the stories in big religious books couldn't have happened.

Why were there a Big Bang, rather than nothing ?

I believe that gods as protrayed by religions do not exist just as I do not believe in the FSM etc. I believe that a secular society is the only way to be unbias towards both religion and non-religion and that the seperation of church and state to be a corner stone in that. I believe that all people have a right to be respected as individuals, regardless of creed, race, etc, and for them to do the same likewise. I believe that science and the scientific method had allowed us to progress from what we once were to what we are now. I believe in freedom of speech and that everyone has a right to be offended and offend likewise (although hopefully this will not be nessecary). Regarding ethics, I believe that the principles taught by Epicurus lead to a happy life.

I believe in things backed by evidence.  I believe my wife loves me because she acts as if she does.  I believe I will not plunge through my floors to the basement because past experience has indicated this is so.  Things might change, but as for now...


I believe Paris exists, although I've never been there, but many people who judgement I trust have said there's a Paris.

@Angleo - "because the bible says so" is a stupid answer. If you want to learn about the big bang try a different book. It really is a stupid stupid answer. Snap out of it man.

Also Atheism does not need any support. It is not a belief system.

Atheism does not need any support. It is not a belief system.


It depends. If you are a strong atheist, you make a claim, namely that you do not believe, God exists. To have such a position, you need to explain why you think so.

atheists - lack a belief in god/gods

theists -   believe in god


Therefor the burden of proof is on the believer. 


Do you believe in Zues? If not then I would have no need to ask you to explain your lack of a belief as long as you are not trying to assert a claim based on Zues's existence. 


boring argumentation. you are here , because you do defend a cause. Otherwise, you would not spend time on issues of theism , atheism etc. Someone, that actively defends atheism, is not a weak, but a strong atheist. Would you mind to answer the question of this thread ? 

Angleo - "because the bible says so" is a stupid answer.


Why is it a stupid answer ? Have you read the bible to know whats in there ? 

"Why is it a stupid answer ? Have you read the bible to know whats in there ?"


actually sir, i have read your bible quite extensively having been a teacher and a worship leader for over 20 years and having been a christian for over 35 years before i realized that the stuff written in the book was mostly stories and myths, like the greek gods and goddesses are. very little of the old testament is actually historically correct and if GOD inspired the book, then it had better be 100% accurate or god is not all-knowing or able to get his information correct.


what else would you like to know about how inaccurate the bible is? where would you like to start? we can start with the books allegedly written by the figure known as moses. MOST jewish scholars agree that moses probably never existed as portrayed in the bible nor did he 'compile' the Pentateuch which was compiled over a period of almost 500 years and was the work of at least 4 authors. Egyptian history does not even mention the exodus account as described by the bible, nor were the 'isrealites' a nation of over 1 million as the bible describes, but a tribe of nomads probably less than 10,000 in size at the time moses was supposed to have lived.

the bible makes other claims that history shows to be 100% wrong as well as the description of the god contained in the bible shows a horrible creature who's petty anger wipes out nations in his name to show his love! wow, i could go on and on explaining the many ways the bible reveals a creature not worth knowing, let alone being worshiped as the creator of the universe!


i DON"T believe the bible contains anything that will help my life! I believe that man is here for no reason, but we are able to help each other grow, and learn to value every moment of every day as new and exciting and intrinsically precious. i believe that religion is a poison that eats away at the value of the individual and has corrupted our sense of oneness with all others on this planet, as well as the universe from which we came. as i grow, i can help others deal with issues that arise and it is my responsibility as a human to do so and care for those around me.


those are a few of the things that i believe.

I believe there are no Atheists exactly the same as there are no Deists.

Atheists don't pray. Deists don't pray.

Religion promises that God will answer your prayers and they can cite hundreds of "miracle" cancer cures to prove it.... Why doesn't God heal amputees?

I believe there are no Atheists exactly the same as there are no Deists.

Atheists don't pray. Deists don't pray.

Religion promises that God will answer your prayers and they can cite hundreds of "miracle" cancer cures to prove it.... Why doesn't God heal amputees?


I guess this topic is not about " why doesnt god heal amputees ". 

It seems easyer , to try to attack theism, with such questions, than to explain our world and universe without God. But that is the topic of this thread. How about to explain, what you do believe, and why ?


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