I'm sorry but that had to be a stupid thing to hear. "Reporter: Jason Terry, you predicted you would have a great game tonight, what made you so confident?" "JT: My faith in God"; so you're telling me that God takes sides in basketball games?? J.T. had a great game because of his talent and hard work, not your "faith" in a higher power.

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I wonder what he says after his bad games.
Yes, it is well known that "god"™ favors one team over another, and it is incontrovertible that "god"™ desires the deaths and mutilations of littler, browner people worldwide because it is on the side of the U.S.
I always find it quite strange when sports stars say things like this. I'm British so growing up I was never exposed to this (honestly, never). Sportsmen and women in the UK tend to attribute thier success to thier own hard work, determination and in some cases luck. Why it's so different across the Atlantic I will never know. Surely if you'd just won a huge game or played an instrumental part in your team winning you'd want to take credit for it or at the very least heap praise on your team for performing so well, not say "yeah, I really didn't do anything there it was all the work of my deity of choice"



we finally agree 100% on something!! seems mr. terry sees little value in a the 20+ years he has practiced to develop his craft and refine his skill set to this point. sad...

Man, when I heard his comments after the game, it just made me more pissed off that king james is playing more like a prince. These sports players are so arrogant when they thank "god" for making them so much better than everyone else.
Exactly, were all the players not so fortunate enough to make the Finals not with "god"....it is just so simple minded to not credit yourself instead of some imagined outside 3rd party
I think they just have an inherent need to make themselves appear humble and selfless.  Funny thing is, one can accomplish this without having to invoke the supernatural.  One could simply say, "yeah, I was able to have a great game because we, as a team, played very well together.  Without them playing well, it would have been impossible to for me to play well."


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