From the BBC - Evolution seen in 'synthetic DNA' - short, "Researchers have succeeded in mimicking the chemistry of life in synthetic versions of DNA and RNA molecules.

The work shows that DNA and its chemical cousin RNA are not unique in their ability to encode information and to pass it on through heredity.

The work, reported in Science, is promising for future "synthetic biology" and biotechnology efforts.

It also hints at the idea that if life exists elsewhere, it could be bound by evolution but not by similar chemistry."

So, another giant step forward in proving evolution - and another day to get excited about the times we live in. With research like this and the work at CERN in locating the science 'holy grail' that is the Higgs Bosun, I'm really confident that in my lifetime we might actually get some tangible evidence to how we all came to be (not like there isn't enough already) which should (in theory) shut up the theists once and for all  

...except I am fairly certain that it won't. Theists, on the whole are not reasonable people - they mostly don't want to give up their faith - they are so blind to what they believe in that even something preposterous and extravagant, like say the discovery of some tablet at a revered holy place written by St Paul stating that he made the whole thing up would still have them finding excuses that God existed. They are I find generally hooked on subordination and without someone telling them what to do with their lives, no matter how preposterous, they would become lost

My only hope therefore is in future generations and education can change things -  I know in Australia they are already stating in 2 generations religion will be mostly stamped out in that country, and I can see the same happening in areas of Europe. Of course in my lifetime I would like to see more and will do all I can to see it come to fruition (or at least help it on it's way).  I hope I can raise my son to think for himself and question everything like I did, which whilst my parents were semi-religious, they never stopped me from doing and allowed me to make up my own mind. And of course if I can inspire him to get excited when things like this happen, maybe he can grow up to help find out these answers and help push towards the fair and just planet we all strive for.

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Look up DRACO out of MIT or the cancer research at Stanford.  We're indeed in a golden age of science.  I'm so excited about what the next few years brings.  Especially with this XNA, it's crazy to think if we could speed it up we may actually create some life.  I'm speculating of course, the article I read didn't indicate that as a possible outcome.  I still get heady thinking about it.

Can they come up with an excuse?  Of course they do.  To paraphrase Kyle Reese in Terminator (the original movie)

"Those creationists are out there.  They can't be bargained with, they can't be reasoned with... and they absolutely will not stop, EVER...."

Many Theists do not see complete incompatibility between Theism and Evolution. Ex. John H Walton The Lost World of Genesis One leaves a complete openness to an evolutionary model.


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