Are we seriously going to let Orange Hitler be our President? Really? Is there even a slowball's chance in hell we could have someone else? ANYONE ELSE!!!

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Orange pfffffft

Lmfao yep that pretty much sums it up!!

Is there even a slowball's chance in hell we could have someone else?

There's still a few days for him to:

  1. Step down and say: Just kidding!
  2. Die of natural causes (he doesn't look like a very fit guy)
  3. Be assassinated
  4. Be arrested or otherwise prosecuted

Or the US government as a whole could collapse, but I'm not 100% sure that would be better.


Ok, I'll have a go, if you want.

Matt you would be a FAR better President.....I'll draw up the petition lol

I wish it could be stopped too. I can't stop it but I can take action. I called my senators the other day and told them how I felt about a particular issue. New Hampshire is a small state - I will meet them. I have testified at the State House a couple of times and I will do it again. Even so, I have never been very politically active. I can't just sit here and be consumed with the loathing I feel for Trump and his minions.

I've got my pink hat and will be marching in Boston on the 21st. My daughter will be in D.C. for the march there. The march won't change anything but it will let everybody know WE ARE STILL HERE and we will resist. This is not the end.

I wish I could bring myself to feel even a little optimistic....

I have family leaving the U.S back to Mexico and unfortunately I won't be able to say goodbye. My son will not grow up knowing those cousins that were a huge part of his early childhood despite the fact that their mother has been in the US since she was a minor. While Trump's stance did not "cause" their deportation I am positive that the rhetoric influenced it. I am.....very sad about it.


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