So, all it took was a couple high school cheerleaders to ruin a prayer ban

I wonder what the ACLU actually accomplished here.

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This is another case of religious claiming that their prayer session can be viewed as historical rather than religious. It may have an 80 year old tradition but they are praying for religious reasons and not for historical (hysterical) ones. Religious tradition, just like Canon Law, does not trump Civil Law.

I do not care if (my opinion) it does not help to shine a brighter light on the ACLU or the FFRF when they take cases against people that are breaking the law. I do not care if they dislike atheists even more than they already do. There will be dozens more of these cases over the next few years. I am not trying to reach an accommodation with people whose sense of self-righteousness makes them want to parade their religion in public. If they want to pray then let them do so but in private. When they do I will leave them alone.

A while back I wrote about how I interrupted a “spontaneous” prayer group that gathered in the car park of a local shopping centre. They were handing out leaflets to children and teenagers on how there was no such thing as a real Atheist…you know…because we deny the existence of god who clearly exists..yada..yada.

Now I find that offense because they are targeting developing young minds. If I rang the police nothing would happen. I reported it to the security guard but he said they were doing great work. So I opened my car doors (speakers facing them) and played God hates us all at volume 11 (10 was not loud enough).

 It was a blast and so funny. Most of the teenagers (skateboarders) went wild and the righteous horde packed up and left. However in this country I could have been arrested for blasphemy if one of them decided to call the cops and claim I had offended them on religious grounds. Now as it turns out I want to be arrested for blasphemy so I can highlight cases of atheists abroad that are in jail, some of whom are awaiting severe beatings or execution in countries that base their blasphemy laws on Ireland’s law because ours is “so good”. We might be one of the most atheistic nations on Earth but the Blasphemy Laws have to go. So let the religious play with their toys in private. I like to remind them of this verse when telling them why they should keep their prayer private.

Matthew 6:6

But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

@Unseen – is that verse above telling us something important about who you are :-)


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