The message I got from this wasn't that people who abstain are retarded. The message I got from this was that people who abstain because the media tells them that they'll get cancer are victims of fear. It's not like everyone who smokes will end up getting cancer, but it's made to seem like that's the case. Everything you do will probably have a risk involved, so why avoid everything just because there's a chance it could happen?


Just like Cody said; "I  just want to know when did the risk apply the things trump the ability to have fun in doing them?".


Then out of curiosity I ended up looking at statistics from here;,9171,1004582,00.html



"Consider the case of a 51-year-old woman who smoked a pack a day from age 14 until she stopped at age 42. The model puts her chances of getting lung cancer in the next decade at less than 1 in 100. Compare that with a 68-year-old man who has smoked two packs a day for 50 years and hasn't quit. He has a 1-in-7 chance of getting lung cancer by his 78th birthday. If he quits, his 10-year risk drops to 1 in 9.

So what's a smoker to think? A 1-in-7 chance of getting lung cancer will scare some folks into quitting, but you might be tempted to shrug off a 1-in-100 chance and think to yourself, As long as I quit by 42, I'm O.K. Think again. More smokers die of heart disease than lung cancer--not to mention that smokers have greater susceptibility to emphysema and other chronic illnesses."


 They're telling us that there's a 1/100 chance of getting cancer if you smoke a pack a day for 28 years, yet right near the end remind us to think again. What the fuck? Does every pack of cigarettes have to keep reminding us that we can get cancer? It's like the whole image is saying that we WILL get cancer. 


I smoke occasionally and with pipe tobacco. Looking at these statistics the chances of me getting anything seem way to slim to even be worrying about getting cancer. 


So for you smokers and non-smokers, what do you think about the media trying to implement fear into everything and anything that's enjoyable? 

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So you're whining that people are doing the modern responsible thing in pointing out the bad effects of physically deleterious behavior, in the end wrapping it up in a blanketed straw man. Go back to youtube with posts like this. Better yet, just keep it to yourself.

For me it was the cost of a pack that caused me to quit. When I realized I was paying double the price as when I started that was motivation enough.


Its bad for your health, and there are other side effects besides cancer that it causes. It seems to me that you are trying to justify the behavior by minimalizing the chance of getting cancer.


As for using fear. I am all for it. I try to scare the shit out of my kids when it comes to the dangers of smoking. Tobacco is a strong vaso-constrictor. Its use leads to a higher incidence of high blood pressure, and other issues. In diabetic patients it can even lead to a higher incidence of amputations.

I have to disagree about using fear in the manner in which it is used.  When you blow things out of proportion I think that young people pick up on that and it just peaks their interest.


I think a good commercial would be to show two very similar kids, one who began smoking a year ago and the other who didn't, racing up a flight of stairs and the smoking kid loses, not by that much maybe, but he's wheezing like a smoker while the non-smoker takes a deep breath and is quickly recovered, just as an older man comes out, lights a smoke and then coughs up an oyster.  This is the daily reality of smoking that young people will realize very quickly rather than some distant statical probability that is made to sound like an overnight death sentence.


I just think that blowing anything out of proportion sort of makes the young kids feel like we're insulting their intelligence.

I think that is good point.  That was a problem with too much of the earlier anti-drug stuff - really exaggerated and lots of folks just laughed it off.  See, for example, Reefer Madness, hilarious....


How many people watched this film high over the years, I wonder.....

Exactly my point with reefer madness.  The ridiculous claims about drugs just always made me wonder what 'they' were trying to hide.  As it turns out I just never came to like drugs much.
I dont think explaining the health problems associated with smoking is blowing it out of proportion. I do agree with blowing things out of proportion like the crap I was told as a kid that if you try drugs once you will be addicted.  

I'm actually a type one Diabetic, and I've been taking care of my blood sugar to the best of my abilities for nine years now. The only reason why people get legs amputated in the first place is because they let their numbers stay too high, and do nothing to try and balance them out. 


I also only smoke pipe tobacco and cigars (Non-inhaling), which is why I was trying to say that my risks for getting cancer seemed rather slim in comparison. 


When I was using fear as an example I wasn't trying to justify that it'll somehow minimize  the chances of getting cancer. I was trying to point out the mixed advice that CNN gave when they said 1/100 chance of getting cancer if you quit after 28 years of smoking, then shortly after they say "Think again". Even when they give you seemingly low chances of it happening, they make it seem like you will definitely get cancer, not maybe but you will get cancer. I don't care if people are informed about health issues, I just think that the media and advertisement companies try their best to instill  fear regardless if the stats are high or not. I mean you can get cancer from literally   everything, and there's a risk in almost everything you do. That was the point of my discussion. 

I have a family full of smokers. I was at one time around second hand cigarette smoke a good portion of my life. So thanks to their habit I now spend $384 a year on inhalers and $1250 a year in Doctor visits. If not for their habits I wouldn't have to now carry an inhaler with me everywhere I go.  


As for other people. I know I guy who just had to get a lung transplant because of his smoking and three people who have holes in their throats.


I do with that they would focus on all these problems and not just the cancer.

I have no problems with people who want to commit suicide by smoking, go ahead, I like darwinism in that regard.


However, my issue is with smokers who insist on ruining other people's lives. My parents each smoked three packs a day. I spent 17 years in'n'out of hospitals because of incessant coughing. I was pricked, analysed, tonsils removed, medicated, of course not one of those pseudo-medical proposals had any effect simply because idiots still insisted on keeping their eyes shut on the detrimental health effects of tobacco, with the coaxing of 'big tobacco' lies of course.


In the movie THE TOURIST with Johnny Depp and Angelina Joli, Depp tells of benefits of nicotine inhalers which emit only water vapor and do not burn. I say all go with that. Nicotine makes men's sperm count go down hurray, less babies. Nicotine has been correlated with SIDs hurray with that. I agree that stupid people should not procreate.


Now that cigarette sales have gone down in educated countries, cigarette companies are conveniently "losing" 30% of oceanic shipments. Conveniently lots of cheap cigarettes show up on the streets of third world nations, sold by 10 yr/old, to immense profits of the hoodlums who manage the entire circus.

Yes, back in the days when smoking was allowed every where but just when moves were being made to limit it more and more I remember lots of complaints from smokers about their rights (they are still complaining) and often wondered how they feel if I felt free to sneeze all over their food.  One time I was in a crowded restaurant, tables v. close together and I was in my first trimester of pregnancy (all day nausea).  So, this older couple sat down next to us, ordered drinks and then lit up just as my appetizers came.  I did ask the waiter if we could move, mind you, did not ask them to stop smoking, just asked if we could move away from the smoking.  And, get this, they had the nerve to say how rude we were to say anything against their smoking.  Oh, how I wished that my nausea had manifested itself as puke all over those morans.  I am totally sure if they are still alive today that they are major Tea Partiers....

George Carlisle on the ridiculousness of public smoking spaces...

A smoking section in a restaurant is like having a peeing section in a pool.

I love it!!


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