The message I got from this wasn't that people who abstain are retarded. The message I got from this was that people who abstain because the media tells them that they'll get cancer are victims of fear. It's not like everyone who smokes will end up getting cancer, but it's made to seem like that's the case. Everything you do will probably have a risk involved, so why avoid everything just because there's a chance it could happen?


Just like Cody said; "I  just want to know when did the risk apply the things trump the ability to have fun in doing them?".


Then out of curiosity I ended up looking at statistics from here;,9171,1004582,00.html



"Consider the case of a 51-year-old woman who smoked a pack a day from age 14 until she stopped at age 42. The model puts her chances of getting lung cancer in the next decade at less than 1 in 100. Compare that with a 68-year-old man who has smoked two packs a day for 50 years and hasn't quit. He has a 1-in-7 chance of getting lung cancer by his 78th birthday. If he quits, his 10-year risk drops to 1 in 9.

So what's a smoker to think? A 1-in-7 chance of getting lung cancer will scare some folks into quitting, but you might be tempted to shrug off a 1-in-100 chance and think to yourself, As long as I quit by 42, I'm O.K. Think again. More smokers die of heart disease than lung cancer--not to mention that smokers have greater susceptibility to emphysema and other chronic illnesses."


 They're telling us that there's a 1/100 chance of getting cancer if you smoke a pack a day for 28 years, yet right near the end remind us to think again. What the fuck? Does every pack of cigarettes have to keep reminding us that we can get cancer? It's like the whole image is saying that we WILL get cancer. 


I smoke occasionally and with pipe tobacco. Looking at these statistics the chances of me getting anything seem way to slim to even be worrying about getting cancer. 


So for you smokers and non-smokers, what do you think about the media trying to implement fear into everything and anything that's enjoyable? 

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They use cancer as a way to try and scare people out of smoking, yes. That's because cancer is terrifying to a great deal of people. Holes in throats, removing lungs, and treatments that involve injecting yourself with poison hoping you don't die is terrifying to many people. The reason this isn't looked down upon much is because it is a worse case situation, they aren't making up these possible outcomes of smoking.


That being said, if they plan on continuing with the anti-smoking campaign, I wish they would focus on other health risks as well. Like you pointed out, heart disease and the increased risk of other common illnesses are important points to inform people of. Another thing to add to that list is resitricted blood flow, a sympton commonly shown by how quickly a hand placed in ice will return to a normal temperature once removed.


The most I smoke is hookah once in a while with my friend and every tuesday and wednesday night I am getting a nice amount of second hand smoke from the people in my classes.

i personally i have no reason to smoke cigs, id much rather smoke bud, but being that tobacco is the leading cause of death in the U.S every year i think they have a bit of a reason to implement some fear, i like the way hitchens subtly words it,something along the lines of "it would be well advised to cut back on the smokes a bit"
I thought the leading cause of death in the US was heart disease attributed to obesity? But then, smoking also leads to heart disease so who really knows.

I know this is off topic. When I read the word obesity just now, it occurred to me that when I was in Walmart the other day, I observed how obese people really have become. I would say about 70% of the people I walked passed down the aisles were obese.


The next time any of you guys go into a big retailer take heed and look around. It is becoming a huge problem. Matter of fact... I think there is 3 "big and tall" women stores now at one of the malls I go to. Five years ago there was zero.

99 out of 100 lung cancer patients did smoke (I used to do radiotherapy planning). Most of them also drank, and they were lower class citizens usually.


So, I'd say yes.

" The reason to not smoke is to sustain the quality of your life."


As a person in his mid-fifties I can tell you that the quality of life concerns move to the forefront. Suffering from ailments such as decreased vision, osteoarthritis, and high LDL cholesterol levels has made me more aware of my body and the importance to take the best care of it I can. 

When young and not beset by medical issues one is free to "burn the candle at both ends" and normally not suffer any consequences. I encourage the younger generations to get out and do things like travelling abroad now while they still have the energy and body to do it.


Hopefully having to make the decision to NOT smoke won't be viewed as a quality of life issue for you. If you must, do it infrequently and and you'll probably be 'good to go.'


The people I have a hard time understanding are those who have emphysema and are wheezing and coughing and hacking and all that and will still reach down and grab yet another cigarette! Nicotine is right there w/ heroine and methamphetamine on the addiction scale. My wife still can't beat the habit after twenty years of promises.



This is off topic a bit but your the second person on this site to spell heroin with an e on the end like this heroine,is that the way its spelt in the u.s?just wondering.
No, with the "e" is wrong, even in America when talking about the drug.  Heroine would be the female hero.
I spell - spelt as,  --"spelled".



Only in the sense that not smoking would somehow detract from your ability to appreciate things which bring you pleasure. My wife knows smoking is harmful BUT she enjoys the taste and calming effect it has on her.

As to moderate or light use of tobacco, studies have shown that people can and do recover lung function over time once they stop. I would think an infrequent or light smoker would suffer less consequences than a one or two pack a day user. 


We have to make decisions each day about our bodies and our health. If someone wants to smoke cigarettes or marijuana that is THEIR decision. But don't get tears in your eyes later on in life when the doctor gives you a sobering diagnosis. I drink one or two glasses of wine everyday. Sometimes more on the weekends. Am I pickling my liver? I hope not. There is a risk involved and I am willing to take that risk. I take a risk every time I mount one of my motosickles and go for a ride. It's calculated but a risk nonetheless.


Congratulation on your quitting the cigarettes! If you have a solution for my wife let me know.  :^ )

As a smoker in my 20s and early 30s, I never had quality of life issues, at least not health related. But QOL issues were a weighing factor on my decision to quit.  I think it really boils down to the age of the smoker as to what reason makes one quit.  For me, it was the fact that I smelled horrible and every moment of my day was planned around smoking.

I smoked on and off from the age of 15 or 16 to the age of 47 and I never had any health

problems at all but I guess a lot of that can be attributed to just having good genes or

whatever. I rarely missed work or school due to illness. Rarely got colds or flus. I've never

been a health nut either. Of course who knows what all those years of smoking have done to

my body (hopefully nothing but you just don't know sometimes).


I loved loved LOVED smoking. One of the main highpoints of my day was getting up and having

that first cig with a frappacino. Every now and then I would quit for a few years but would

go back eventually.


Did I worry about getting lung cancer - YES. Did I worry about heart diesease - YES. Same

with Emphysema.


Did I worry enough to get me to stop - NO. I don't know exactly what that says about my

character but I'll tell you what finally did get me to stop. I developed "burning mouth

syndrome" which is an uncommon menopouse thing and it became uncomfortable to smoke and I'm glad to be done with all the bad smell and expense (seeing as cigs are getting extremely

expensive thanks to sin tax).


So I can't go around acting all snooty "Oh I quit smoking - aren't I wonderful". No, none of

that nonsense for me. I quit purely because it no longer was enjoyable. Otherwise I bet I'd

still be smoking to this day.


Bye the way, how I recall it is, back 20 years ago (smell was not an issue). Nobody seemed

to notice it. I can remember smoking in the hospital room when visiting my mother there. I

can remember smoking in the grocery store. Yeah, it was no big deal at all - I don't ever

remember anybody ever saying anything.


Now I can remember being a kid in the car and asking the grown-ups to roll the window down

when they lit up lol.


I do not regret smoking for reasons I'm not going to go into, but I bet if I got diagnosed

with lung cancer, I might change my tune.



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